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How Do I Apply Halco PSA Tapes? Posted by admin | January 12, 2014

“Help! Its not sticking!.” Sometimes the tech data sheet for a Halco adhesive Hook & Loop product may indicate it will adhere well, but when it is applied, it comes away easily or fails in use . Ensure you use the 4 point Quick Checklist to get the best bond!

1. Have I selected the correct adhesive? Remember Rubber & Acrylic adhesives perform very differently on certain substrates. Use the Halco adhesive guide to determine what will work in your application.

2. Apply at Room Temperature if possible. Very high or low temperatures will effect the adhesive bond.

3. Are the surfaces clean and dry? Remember any oil, dust, dirt will greatly reduce the strength of the bond

4. Apply Pressure. The greater the initial pressure applied the better the result. Firm pressure applied while the adhesive cures will mean the best contact.

We’re here to help. Let a Halco sales representative guide through how to use the Halco PSA Hook & Loop Tapes in your application.

Make sure you have the right tape for the job! Get the experts advice quick

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