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Are You Working With The Right Vendor? Posted by Robyn Rogers | April 08, 2016

 Are You Working With The Right Vendor?

Does your supplier really know your company? Do they call you? Have they ever been to your location? Have they ever gone to your website?  Do they know that you like tea and not coffee?  It may be something simple like that, but do they know anything about you at all? Anything about your company at all? Would you go to a job interview if you knew nothing about the company you were applying to? 

Here is where we are different than our competition. Halco USA is touring all across the United States.We have already been to 4 Countries this year and 8 States. Last year we went to 25 States. We believe in Face-to-Face. We believe in the true meaning of relationships. When we sit across the table with a customer for 2 hours and really explain what we do, in return, we learn what our customers needs are, and together we can really accomplish a partnership between both companies.That is our goal at Halco USA. We want you to lean on us so we can help figure out what your needs are, and together we can figure out a program that works best for your company. Maybe it’s as simple as blanket orders, or being able to bar code, put your part numbers on every box and packing slip, or the ability to offer Kanban. Maybe no one gets back to you after days of waiting. Whatever the “IT” is, we want to help you figure it out.

At Halco USA we work together with your design team to show you all of our new product lines that are for your industry and  help create what you are looking for. We have the ability to create a new product lines that not even your competition have. If you are in need of an amazing supplier for specialty hook and loop, please call Halco USA.  Our highly educated staff would be happy to guide you on your next project. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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