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What do customers really think of Halco? Posted by admin | February 05, 2014

A Big Thank You to all the loyal Halco Customers who completed the 2014 customer service survey.

Congratulations to John & Mike – winners of the 2 iPad Minis.

Guy Fussell, sales manager of Halco says “2014 is all about finding out what really makes our customers tick”

“What really is great service? Its the most important question for Halco this year. Our January survey was designed to drill down into any areas where Halco can improve service. While we always go the extra mile we realize that todays buyer shouldn’t just be satisfied with their experience – they should be delighted”

SURVEY RESULTS What is the single most important reason for doing business with Halco?
Service – 35%  |  Great Pricing – 28%  |  Quality – 23%  |  Quick Shipping – 13%

How would you rate the overall Halco service?
Excellent – 71%  |  Good 26%  |  Needs some help – 0%

How strongly would you recommend Halco?
Extremely strongly – 79%  |  Moderately strongly – 21% | Not at all – 0%

In which areas would like to see improvement or changes?
8 respondents – Order Confirmations  |  2 respondents – Markings & Labeling

Says Guy: “While the results are very pleasing we’re still working hard with every customer on any concerns they may have noted. For example many of you mentioned shipping and tracking information and our new streamlined process now means everyone should receive tracking as soon as a package has left our facility” “We look forward to serving you all in 2014!”

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