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3M Dual Lock for Workplace Safety

After an extended shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states are now allowing most retail and service businesses to reopen, provided they follow certain social distancing protocols to protect workers and their customers.  The specifics of these protocols are unique to each state, but some general guidance has been provided by OSHA to provide better protection for retail workers.  

In keeping with this guidance from OSHA, retailers and service businesses (like salons and dental offices) are erecting clear acrylic, Lexan or plexiglass shields to protect cashiers and other workers (like baggers) at point-of-sale locations.   These shields and partitions create an effective barrier to protect workers and customers from potentially infectious vapors, sneezes, and aerosols!

These shields and barriers are available from many suppliers but are quite easy to build.  3M’s Dual Lock SJ3550 reclosable fastener provides a quick and effective means of attaching the clear shield to either the horizontal or vertical surface of the point of sale counter or booth.  Halco offers 3M Dual Lock SJ3550 in either roll good form or custom converted pieces, strips, or coins.  

There are many unique features of 3M Dual Lock SJ3550 that make it perfect as an attachment solution for retail partitions and guards:

  • Dual Lock is designed for rigid assembly.  It is proven in this application with a large number of retailers and closely related point-of-purchase and signage manufacturers.
  • Dual Lock SJ3550 uses interlocking mushroom caps that snap onto themselves, requiring only one product for assembly (use one piece on the counter or booth, another piece on the shield, then snap together!)  
  • When the product is snapped together, it makes an audible noise that helps the installer be confident that the product is securely fastened
  • Using Dual Lock eliminates or dramatically reduces the need for power tools.  Just attach, snap together and go!
  • 3M Dual Lock SJ3550 uses a high-performance rubber adhesive that securely holds to most surfaces, yet ultimately can be removed when those partitions are no longer necessary.  Why introduce holes and mechanical fasteners when you don’t have to! 
  • Halco can die-cut SJ3550 into coins or short strips for medium to larger volume jobs to speed installer assembly.   

Do you have a project involving retail partitions, guards or shields or a question about how to use 3M Dual Lock?  If so, we’re the fastening experts so please give your Halco rep a call or ask your question here and we will reply!  Samples of SJ3550 are also available for testing and evaluation.  We’re here to help!