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Halco’s Hook & Loop Offering Grows With Showroom Expansion

This month Halco USA celebrated the opening of its revamped sample showroom!

Home to hundreds of Hook & Loop profiles for every imaginable application, this is the place the ideas flow from. Here every day, custom sample lengths & swatches are hand cut off rolls and shipped to production managers, designers and engineers working on projects all over the globe.

The Sample Room (as it’s known by staff) is also the brainstorming and innovation hub for Halco’s team. More than a showroom, its an open-themed lab where customers can collaborate with a specialist on any project – big or small, simple or complex. 

Having all the products in one place makes for easy experimenting between Hook & Loop pairs, widths, colors and profiles. If gripping strength is a factor tests can be performed against various peel & shear ratings or levels of hook aggressiveness. Where specific bonding solutions are required, Halco USA has partnered with 3M to apply specialty adhesives to the back of hook & loop to adhere securely to uneven or challenging surfaces. More advanced tests like heat resistance or flammability certs are performed offsite.  

Next time you’re in the area… stop in, grab a coffee and amaze yourself with the latest fastening breakthroughs impacting your industry.