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Adhesive Selection

Halco Sets Itself Apart With Hook and Loop Adhesive Options

Choosing the right adhesive for your application, materials, and process can be tricky especially for certain materials like low surface energy plastics, powder-coat paints, and vinyl or PVC. To help you, we’ve put together a guide to Halco’s adhesive options called our “Adhesive Selection Guide.” This includes:

  • Adhesives pre-coated by Halco in a variety of formulations for most applications
  • Fire retardant adhesives and other specialty performance solutions
  • PSA adhesive tapes from 3M and other suppliers that can be custom laminated
  • Adhesives for hook and loop heat welding and sewing operations

This guide provides some basic performance data and what we suggest for adhesive options, in combination with a Halco hook and loop product, for each substrate or process.


Request your digital copy of the Halco Adhesive Selection Guide to learn more about the different characteristics of each adhesive and to find out which one will work best for your specific application. Each adhesive exhibits a unique quality that will react differently depending on this substrate it is adhered to.

Hook and Loop Adhesive Selection Guide


We have decades of experience with hook and loop applications in a wide variety of industries. We’ll talk through the details and performance requirements, suggest an adhesive option, and then send you a sample to test.