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hook and loop solutions for general industrial

Halco has a broad portfolio of specialty engineered hook and loop fastening materials to meet industry requirements, including plain back hook and loop materials for sewing or heat welding, self-engaging hook and loop materials for bundling and wrapping, heat and fire retardant material for high temperature uses, and adhesive coated hook and loop for assembly. Halco customizes these hook and loop materials for general industrial manufacturers by offering custom adhesive lamination, re-linering, slitting, die-cutting, strap fabrication, printing, and custom packaging services.

Textile Related Manufacturers

Hook and loop fasteners are soft, conformable and offer a convenient fastening solution for manufacturers making products made of textiles. Hook and loop can be sewn or heat welded into these textiles. Examples include floor mats, cushions, upholstery, work related garments including coats, helmets and footwear, awnings, tents, pouches, bags and many other products.

Manufacturers of Plastic Products

Plastic products comprise a significant percentage of the general industrial market and include products like sporting goods, helmets and eyewear, signage and automotive accessories. Hook and loop is used frequently in these applications and Halco offers high performance adhesives that adhere well to low surface energy plastics.

Industrial Straps

Many industrial manufacturers rely on hook and loop straps to secure hoses and cords or to provide a bundling solution that improves the ease of packaging and transporting their product. Halco is a major manufacturer of hook and loop straps for many different markets and industries and customizes each strap to the engineering requirements of the industrial OEM.



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