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Military & Law Enforcement

Halco hook and loop is used extensively by the military, law enforcement, and first responders for all kinds of garments, body armor, helmets, belts, pouches, bags, and medical gear like tourniquets and patient positioning straps.  Halco stocks the best-selling military hook and loop colors and offers a color dye-to-match program.  Additionally, our materials meet mil-spec requirements and are available in fire retardant versions.

Die Cutting & Converting

Halco is an expert at hook and loop die-cutting and can cut specific shapes very efficiently to match your design. In military and tactical gear applications, die-cut hook and loop parts can help streamline your manufacturing processes and improve the end-users experience with your product.



Halco offers a wide range of Hook and Loop Fastening materials that meet USA military specifications (Mil-Spec AA55126 (Rev. B)). Depending on the ‘Type’ and ‘Class’ you are needing, Halco will be able to provide a high-quality solution.


Halco hook and loop stocked in a selection of tactical military, police, and first responders colors but offers a dye-to-match service that allows for custom colors and seamless Hook and Loop integration with your products. 1,000 yard MOQ for Dye-To-Match colors.


Body Armor & Helmets

Holsters & Accessories

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The Future

Case Study

Halco works with North America’s leading military helmet manufacturers to provide fastening solutions for foam helmet inserts.  Halco’s design team paired a hook fastening material with a low surface energy acrylic adhesive for optimal bond strength on the helmet’s hard-to-stick aramid composite material.  Halco’s in-house converting services die-cut custom diameter coins for attachment of the foam inserts within the helmet.