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Military & Law Enforcement

Mil spec and military grade hook and loop closure solutions

Halco’s unique value to manufacturers in the military and law enforcement market is that it supplies specialty mil spec and military grade hook and loop fasteners that solve unique product design challenges in military applications. Halco also has a range of adhesive options that have proven performance in demanding military uses and it provides high-performance converting services that improve manufacturing productivity, reduce labor and enhance product quality and performance.

Case Study

Learn how Halco’s converting services helped Blindajes Extremos, a manufacturer of military manufacturer of helmets improve quality, reduce labor and enhance productivity.



Halco offers many pre-coated adhesives, and an even broader range of 3M’s high performance adhesives that are custom laminated to a Halco hook or loop material via its converting services. Several of these adhesives work well on aramid, boron, HDPE, epoxy laminates, high performance composites and other challenging materials that are often used in military applications.


Die Cutting & Converting

In military and tactical gear applications, die-cut hook and loop parts help improve manufacturing productivity and quality. Halco’s hook and loop converting capabilities are unmatched in the industry and we are nimble, flexible and responsive to the unique needs of all sizes of manufacturing clients.


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Halco’s MIL SPEC Hook and Loop MATERIALS

Halco offers a wide range of mil-spec hook and loop fastening materials that meet USA military specification A-A-55126C. The vast majority of hook and loop sold by Halco to this market is Type 2 (8 mil hook) / Class 1 (standard nylon with selvage edge), though some Type 2 / Class 3 is also sold. Halco often works with manufacturers who sell their products globally, but if a Berry compliant material is needed, Halco can source that material and then provide converting services to meet customer requirements.

Mil spec hook and loop colors are available including coyote brown, olive drab, foliage green, desert tan and desert sand. Our back2back strap material is available in coyote brown, olive drab (and black). Other popular colors for military and law enforcement include gray, navy blue (especially for police and security products) and black. You can view our standard color chart here. Most importantly, Halco offers a low MOQ (1,000 yards) for dye-to-match colors, which is quite unique in the market.

mil spec Hook and Loop Enhancements for MOLLE and PALS Gear Organization

Halco’s military grade hook and loop is useful for attaching modular pouches and accessories to military backpacks and vests that utilize MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) or PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing. The rugged, interlocking hooks and loops provide a quick and secure way to mount gear without the need for buckles or straps. One side of the fastener is stitched onto the back of the pouch, while the mating piece is attached to strips of webbing on the backpack. The hook and loop closure keeps the pouch firmly in place during movement but still allows easy access to its contents. Using hook and loop fasteners for MOLLE/PALS attachment gives soldiers the flexibility to configure their loadouts based on mission needs while keeping critical equipment organized and within reach. Halco also offers its backtoback strap material in coyote brown, olive drab and black for the fabrication of hook and loop straps.

Specialty products

Halco’s comprehensive specialty product line has both general purpose products and a wide range or specialty products that solve unique design challenges. Here are some of the most common Halco hook and loop products sold into the military and law enforcement market.

Woven Hook and Loop

Halco’s woven nylon hook & loop meets AA-55125C mil-spec requirements and is often used for sewing into uniforms. A fire-rated version is also available

Weldable Hook and Loop

Halco’s weldable hook and loop is often used on the seams of military tents and shelters

Unnapped Loop

Halco’s unnapped loop offers superior cycle life, is quiet and will not get clogged by lint or sand

Mixed Hook and Loop

Halco’s mixed hook and loop has a mixture of hooks and loops on one side and is self engaging. It is in high demand for tourniquet manufacturing

Type 8 Acrylic Adhesive

Halco’s mil-spec nylon hook and loop with Type 8 acrylic adhesive provides excellent temperature performance

Nylon Fabric Backing

Our smooth nylon backings provide an aesthetic and comfortable option. It is often used on body armor and uniforms


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