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Halco Usa Corporate Responsibility Statement

At Halco, our goal is to be a proactive and ethical corporate citizen in all areas related to social and environmental responsibility.  This document communicates our initiatives and policies.

Corporate Responsibility Diagram


Halco strives to constantly improve the social environment by improving the safety, education and work environment with its employees, suppliers and in the community.  

01 Employees
  • Halco is committed to providing a work environment free of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and disrespectful and other unprofessional conduct 
  • Halco will provide a safe work environment free of toxic chemicals and hazards that might lead to illness or injury.  
  • Education, training and career advancement are a priority at Halco
02 Suppliers
  • Halco will only work with suppliers who provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees and  who also provide a fair and competitive wage with reasonable working hours for all employees
  • Halco will not work with any supplier who uses child or prison labor
  • Halco is committed to working with suppliers who respect intellectual property and do not participate in corruption or bribery.
03 Community
  • Halco prioritizes and invests in the betterment of education in the local community
  • Halco recognizes the importance of community safety, diversity and inclusion in the local community

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and materials, including our overall CO2 footprint and use of any hazardous materials, chemicals, water usage and packaging.  

Reducing the Impact of Our Products and Operations

We value the environment and continuously develop new eco-friendly strategies in production and materials. We recognize green economy and environmental protection as mission and vision by following the following principles:

04 Raw Materials
  • Petrochemical raw materials will be partially replaced by eco-friendly materials
  • Uphold the core values of “care for life” and ” respect environment” and continue to develop reusable materials
  • Strictly manage chemical substances that may affect people’s health and the natural environment 
05 Sustainable Development
  • Establish an energy-saving and high-efficiency supply chain, with 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renewable) principle
06 Education & Training
  • Set up trainings for employees to raise environmental awareness
  • Promote environmental protection campaigns

Helping Our Customers Improve Sustainability and Reduce Their CO2 Footprint

We are an organization that is focused on helping our customers improve their product designs and manufacturing processes.  We will consult with our customers on the most optimal selection of fastening materials, adhesives and packaging to help our customers meet their environmental sustainability objectives.

07 Fastening Materials Selection
  • Halco offers and will promote select hook and loop products and other fastening materials that use fewer petrochemicals 
  • Halco also offers select hook and loop products made from 100% recycled nylon
08 Adhesives Selection
  • Halco offers and will promote select adhesives for use on its hook and loop materials that are solventless
09 Packaging Materials 
  • Halco will select packaging materials for use in its operations made of recycled content
  • Halco will strive for ways to reduce the use of packaging materials in its own packaging standards
  • Halco will consult with its customers on ways to reduce the use of packaging materials, including the use of longer length rolls and spool wound rolls

Halco is working proactively to build and deploy an efficient CO2  strategy that takes into consideration both its supply chain and its customer base. Over the course of time we will deploy new metrics and data collection capabilities, while constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact.