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Halco is a leader in specialty reclosable hook and loop fastening solutions. We’re unique in that we offer our own comprehensive hook and loop product line, but also partner with other specialty materials manufacturers like 3M for additional fastening solutions and adhesives. We’re a 3M Preferred Converter with intimate relationships in the industry along with proprietary converting knowledge and focus. We listen intently to your needs, respond quickly, and custom convert to your requirements using the most innovative converting processes, fastening materials, and adhesive systems in the market today.

  • Specialty Reclosable Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Die-Cutting and Converting Capabilities
  • Halco & 3M Specialty Adhesives
  • Custom Design and Fabricated Products


Halco’s focus on the needs of its customers extends beyond its converting operations. This also includes customer focus and flexibility in hook and loop manufacturing, making it unique in the industry. Our flexible manufacturing allows us to manufacture in high volumes but also offer custom solutions, like dye matched colors, die-cutting, and custom fabrication of components. Our low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround of prototypes, done directly on our factory floor, allow our customers to be more creative in designing new products and finalizing a design sooner.

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Large Volume Capacity
  • Custom Adhesive Lamination
  • Small Prototype Runs
  • Customized Materials (Width, Color, Shape, Printing, Release Liner, etc.)
  • Finished Soft Goods Fabrication Including Sewing and Welding
About Halco Hook and Loop Fastening Solutions


  • We are passionate about the solutions our products provide.
  • We move quickly because time is precious.
  • We always strive to provide superior quality, value, and service.
  • We care for society and the environment.


  • Help manufacturers succeed by creating fastening systems that improve their products.


Early on, we identified gaps in the North America market for hook and loop closure systems. The large hook and loop manufacturers were primarily focused on manufacturing for distribution. Local converters that typically work with manufacturers did not offer their own hook and loop product line and were primarily focused on tape or foam materials. There was no hook and loop focused specialist company that was agile, nimble and set up to work directly with manufacturers.  

As part of this, we identified a clear need for a specialist in the industry to help solve the challenges engineers and designers face when selecting hook and loop fasteners. The breadth of hook and loop products available is sizable and ranges from very thin, conformable materials used for on-skin medical devices to heavy-duty industrial products, with dozens of unique variations for select industries and markets.  A wide variety of constructions are available and many feature pressure-sensitive adhesives, which require its own unique expertise in combination with a hook and loop product.  

Manufacturers also need hook and loop materials that are specifically tailored to their product design and manufacturing process. This includes custom adhesive lamination, slitting, relinering, die-cutting, printing, and specialty packaging. Hook and loop materials have many nuances and so it’s often best to work with a specialist like Halco, who understands the unique challenges of converting hook and loop fasteners. 

Halco has strategic locations in both California and Texas. As a result, this means we are able to offer fast delivery to the western and midwestern states. Halco USA stocks significant inventory, including many hard-to-find specialty hook and loop products, and ships to every state in the USA, Mexico, and all Canadian provinces. Our partner, Halco Europe is able to service all European customers.

Halco Europe: Specialist Hook and Loop Manufacturers – HALCO (

Hook and Loop Technology


Nature’s way of fastening! The amazing discovery of Hook and Loop was first made in 1948 by a Swiss Engineer. During a walk in the country with his dog, he noticed how difficult it was to detach the barbs (seeds) of the cocklebur plant from his clothing and his dog.

The Swiss engineer also being an inventor took a closer look at this extraordinary plant. From this, he observed that the seeds -sac was made up of tiny hooks which attached themselves to clothing fiber, animal hair, and even human hair. Thus came about the invention of Hook and Loop, a simple but very effective fastening system now used throughout the world.

The essential principle of Hook & Loop Fasteners has remained the same. Hundreds of tiny hooks engage with loops to provide a re-closeable bond. Today many versions of this original fastener exist providing different strengths, appearances, and cycle life for countless applications.