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hook and Loop Straps

Custom Printed, Styles, Uses, Sizes & More


Halco is a market leading manufacturer and fabricator of custom hook and loop straps for a wide variety of applications and markets, including sewn and welded straps for:

  • Medical, sports and fitness-related products
  • Military and first responder
  • Cable management
  • Agriculture and heavy machinery
  • Construction
  • Display and exhibit
  • Tents, awnings and shelters
  • and a wide variety of general industrial uses

The most common types of straps are hook and loop cinch straps, back straps, face straps, and double face straps. You could also consider a die-cut hook and loop cable tie to be a type of strap.  

Hook & Loop Strap designs

Halco has been fabricating custom hook and loop straps for its customers for over twenty years. Because of the breadth of our product line, our responsive service and converting capabilities, Halco’s straps are often evaluated as an alternative to custom Velcro® straps. Take a look at the different constructions of our straps and their unique features, then tell us about your unique needs. Halco is sure to have a solution!

VELCRO® is a trademark owned by Velcro Companies.

Back strap

A back strap has a short piece of hook that is sewn or welded to a longer strip of loop to form a cuff or band. These hook and loop back straps are typically used for bundling of cable, wire, hoses, and thin tubing.  When the strap is wrapped around the bundle, the loop faces up, the strap is pulled tight and the hook is pressed down onto the loop to secure it. Halco’s Back2Back hook and loop strap tape is often used for back strap fabrication.

Custom Hook and Loop Back Strap
Custom Hook and Loop Face Strap

Face strap

Face straps are different in that the hook material (the shorter length) and loop (long length) are welded or sewn both facing in the same direction. Unlike a back strap that is coiled into a cuff or band when secured, a face strap is shaped into a “U” and then secured onto itself. This kind of strap is often used for hanging materials (like a cable bundle) and may feature a grommet. Our Mixed Woven Hook and Loop material is ideally suited for face straps.

Double face strap

A double face strap consists of a length of loop facing up with smaller pieces of hook secured on both sides.  This type of strap might be used to secure hoses or hold two skis together.  

Custom Hook and Loop Double Face Strap
Custom Hook and Loop Cinch Strap

Cinch strap

A hook and loop cinch strap provides the highest shear strength by featuring a plastic or metal buckle on one end of the loop strap and hook on the other.  The loop portion is sewn or welded around the buckle.  The strap can be wrapped around the bundle, the loop side inserted through the buckle, then pulled tight and secured.  These kinds of cinch straps can be made for both light and heavy-duty uses.  For heavy-duty straps, a metal buckle is used and webbing can be used to reinforce the hook and loop material.  

Die-Cut Strap

A die-cut strap uses a self-engaging back-to-back hook and loop material with a hook on one side and a loop on the other.  One side of the strap is wider with a small slot cut into it.  The other side is cut to an angle point.  The strap is wrapped around the bundle or object, then inserted through the slot, pulled tight, and secured back onto itself.  These die-cut straps are frequently used to secure cable bundles and wire harnesses and are an alternative to plastic cable ties.  

Custom Hook and Loop Die Cut Strap

Design a Custom Strap with Halco

Do you have a product or project that needs a custom hook and loop strap? Do you have questions about strap designs or fabrication? We’ve been making straps now for over 25 years and would love to answer your questions. Take a look at various designs of straps below and then let us help you move forward!

Custom Strap Solutions

There are endless variations of these hook and loop straps and additional ways to customize them.  Some customers, who prefer stronger straps, may ask to have polypropylene, nylon, or polyester webbing material sewing into them.  Customers in the medical, sports or personal care markets may need straps to be made out of stretchable elastic loop material.  Consumer products, retail, and other highly branded companies might want custom printing done on either the hook or loop materials.  Hardware features may include a grommet or a buckle.  

Hook and Loop Cinch Strap.
Buckle Cinch Straps
Medical Hook and Loop Tourniquet Strap.
Medical Tourniquet Straps
Black Hook and Loop Strap with Buckle.
Buckle Straps
Grey Automotive Securement Strap.
Automotive Securement Straps
Alligator Clips
Alligator Clips
Black Hook and Loop Cinch Strap with Industrial Industrial Strength Webbing
Industrial Webbing Cinch Straps
Black Hook and Loop Wearable Wrist Strap.
Wearable Wrist Straps
Black Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Pallet Straps.
Pallet Straps
Black Automotive Hook and Loop Strap.
Automotive Straps
Black Chafe Tab Buckle.
Chafe Tab Buckles
Customized Black Die-Cut Hook and Loop Reusable Cable Tie.
Die-Cut Cable Ties
Black Military Helmet Straps Hook and Loop
Military Helmet Straps
Black Hook and Loop Headgear Straps.
Headgear Straps
Custom Printed Black Cinch Strap with White Print.
Printed Cinch Straps
Tube Securement Clip Straps
Tube Securement Clip Straps
Custom Die Cut Automotive Straps Hook and Loop.
Die-Cut Automotive Straps
Black Medical Wrist Positioning Straps.
Medical Wrist Positioning Straps
Black Industrial, Heavy-Duty Webbing Cinch Strap.
Industrial Webbing Cinch Straps
Custom Hook and Loop Keyring Strap.
Key-Ring Straps
Wearable Device Hook and Loop Strap.
Wearable Device Straps
Black Back-to-Back Hook and Loop Custom Sewn Straps.
Back2Back Custom Sewn Straps
Blue Webbing Strap with Buckles.
Webbing Buckle Straps
Black Industrial Strength Webbing Foam Straps.
Industrial Webbing Foam Straps
Black and Grey Custom Neoprene Knit Loop Straps
Neoprene Knit Loop Straps
Black Alligator Clips
Alligator Clips
Yellow Heat Resistant Hook and Loop Strap.
Heat Resistant Strap