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guy-fussellGuy Fussell – General Manager

COVID-19 Response

As an essential business with deep experience in serving healthcare markets, HALCO is operating without disruption. We are taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of our employees and remain committed to serving the business needs of our customers with quality products and services.

Our company is innovative and adaptive. We are using that spirit of innovation, in cooperation with many of our customers, to solve new problems posed by the crisis, and the “new normal” that lies ahead. Together, we’ve created a line of personal protection and workplace safety products to serve many new and existing markets.

Our traditional fastening solutions are available now and will be when the anticipated recovery takes place. At the same time, many of our products that have been designed specifically for the current crisis will be in demand for a long time to prevent its return. We will supply solutions for as long as it’s necessary to help prevent the spread of this invasive virus. If you have a product need or idea for a COVID-19 solution that your business can address, let’s work together to make it happen. We truly are all in this together.

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Market Segments

HALCO is working in partnership with its customers to bring personal protection equipment and workplace safety equipment to market with close attention to speed, quality, and cost-efficiency. Our hook and loop fasteners are known for their performance and versatility and our converting services are second to none in the industry.


Personal Protective Equipment

HALCO hook and loop fastening systems and elastic are the perfect choice for securing face shields, gowns, surgical masks, N95 masks, and other forms of PPE. Our converting capabilities allow us to fabricate fastening solutions for virtually any application. We are also sourcing a variety of elastic products to provide a full range of solutions for securing face masks and other forms of protective wear.


Workplace Safety Equipment

HALCO hook and loop solutions enable quick and easy installation of physical barriers, curtains, and sneeze guards allowing workplace safety equipment to be easily removed for cleaning or replaced as needed. For mobile applications, hook and loop fasteners simplify the set-up and tear-down of signs, structures, and barriers that protect healthcare workers and their patients or commercial employees and their customers.

COVID-19 Industry Partners

Our customers use our products in medical applications, transportation systems, industrial products, tradeshow exhibits, and retail display systems. We are now working with many of them to produce COVID-19 solutions to meet the current market demand and replace revenue streams where business is “on-hold” during the crisis. Examples of this collaborative effort are illustrated below.


Respirators, Gowns, PPE

Popular Products: Flat Elastic, Elastic Loop, Sew-On Hook and Loop, Die Cutting and Converting


Face Shields, Face Masks

Popular Products: Flat Elastic, Back2Back, Mixed Hook & Loop


Sneeze Guards, Temporary Hospitals

Popular Products: Adhesive Hook and Loop, Sew-On Hook and Loop, 3M Dual Lock, Strip Cut Material

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Converting Capabilities

We utilize advanced technology, employ innovative and proprietary techniques, and apply extensive industry experience to each project we undertake. We have the unique ability to customize, convert and fabricate fastening solutions that fully meet the needs of our customers.
We are a one-stop-shop that provides a total solution that combines products, packaging, pricing, engineering, testing, and inventory programs.



medical and personal care fastening system

Halco is working with HCT and 3M to manufacture a PPE solutions for front-line workers and non-emergency personnel. The HCT EYESHIELD is disposable and attaches to a surgical mask or N95 mask for added protection against splashing, spraying or airborne droplets carrying infectious or hazardous substances.

Specifications – 3M™ 6.9Mil Anti-Static
– Anti-Static
– Transparent (optically clear)
– Non-hemolytic
– Low Autofluorescence
– Non-toxic to mammalian cells
– No significant outgassing < 400 ⁰C

Product Type: Face / Eye Shield
Life Cycle: Disposable
Included: Polyester Eye Shield (mask sold separately)
Packaging: 1,000 units per case

The HCT EYESHIELD turns an ordinary face mask
into a full-face PPE solution. It’s a flexible and economical
solution that brings added protection to a variety of uses.

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