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Hook and Loop Backings

Hook and Loop Backings

Halco offers many hook and loop products with specialty backings such as woven and knit fabrics, gripping and reflective solutions. A custom backing can assist in sewing, welding, or provide aesthetic and branding opportunities.


  • Transport
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Display & Graphics

Suede-X Backing

Halco can provide faux leather and nubuck backing to molded and woven textile fasteners. This backing is ideally suited for medical and apparel pullers and tabs and can be easily fabricated into straps.

Carbon Fiber Backing

Halco molded hook products can be supplied with custom loop backings to assist in sewing and fabrication. Backings provide aesthetics and function in apparel, workwear, medical, and soft goods applications.

Nylon Fabric Backing

Halco can provide a range of fabric backings for its textile and molded fasteners. Backings can include materials such as nylon fabrics, webbing, and various ballistic materials. These backings are available in custom colors.

Silicone GRIP Backing

Woven and knit textile fasteners are available with silicone grip materials providing a non-slip backed solution. Typical applications include medical, soft goods, wearables, and general industrial strap applications.

3M™ Gripping Material

Woven and knit textile fasteners are available with 3M gripping material providing a non-slip backed solution. This gripping material is laminated to the back of the fastener with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Typical applications include soft goods, wearables, sports & fitness, and general industrial applications.


All Halco textile products can be supplied with an narrow width adhesive. Tack down adhesive backing is commonly used in sew-on applications to hold the textile fastener in place while its been sewn.