Why We Exist

Originally in the adhesives tapes and converting market in the 1990’s Halco was born as a result of manufacturers needing to source hard to find Hook & Loop products. Since day one Halco was able to stay at the forefront of the market by providing a focus on Re-closeable fasteners and adding value by Converting and Fabrication. Halco’s friendly and experienced account executives and customer service agents consult with customers in many industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Hygiene, Print & Display and General industrial.

Halco strives to provide a great engagement – just like the products we provide – with our Customers, Vendors, Employees and the wider community.

Our core purpose is to help manufactures succeed by creating fastening systems that improve their products.


Halco will be continuing to build relationships with partners throughout North America. What better way to do this than be constantly showing manufacturers and designers the latest Hook & Loop products? We’ll be introducing 6 new product lines as we go through the year.
We’ll be working with our customers to add value through Cutting, Converting and Strap Fabrication services along with custom packaging, inventory programs and more. We’ll be transferring our knowledge with tips & tricks on selecting the right fasteners. We’ll show you how to use and apply and how to get the best results in your application. We’re excited to work with engineers and designers to discover new and innovative ways in which Hook & Loop can be used.

Every day we see fasteners used on products we didn’t know existed! How could YOUR application benefit from a re-closeable fastener?

Our Focus

We identified gaps in the market in North America such as a lack of companies with a focus on Hook & Loop Fastening systems and no one ‘Go To’ company for the difficult questions regarding the selection of products.
We identified a clear need for a specialist in the industry to help solve the challenges engineers and designers faced selecting products. We realized purchasing agents needed inventory programs and competitive pricing. Manufacturers needed access to a wide range of products and continuity of supply.
Halco’s extraordinary focus along with Strategic shiping points, no minimum order, a wide range of colors and custom converting and die cutting facilities all combine to make Halco a leader in Hook & Loop solutions.
Our Bay area California location means we are able offer fast delivery to the western states along with next day delivery to the San Francisco & Los Angeles markets and are able to quickly deliver into Mexico. Halco ships to every state in USA and all Canadian provinces and stocks in excess of 10 million yards of Hook & Loop Tapes including many Specialty products.

History - How Hook & Loop Was Invented

The amazing discovery of Hook and Loop was first made in 1941 by a Swiss Engineer. During a walk in the country with his dog he noticed how difficult it was to detach the barbs (seeds) of the cocklebur plant from his clothing and his dog. The Swiss engineer also being an inventor took a closer look at this extraordinary plant. From this he observed that the seeds -sac was made up of tiny hooks which attached themselves to clothing fiber, animal hair and even human hair. Thus came about the invention of Hook and Loop, a simple but very effective fastening system now used throughout the world The essential principle of Hook & Loop Fasteners has remained the same. Hundreds of tiny hooks engage with loops to provide a recloseable bond. Today many versions of this original fastener exist providing different strengths, appearances and cycle life for countless applications.