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Dual Lock Strips

Dual Lock Strips

3M Dual Lock uses strong, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads that that snap with high closure strength, but then can be reopened, making it perfect for heavier duty mounting applications.

A standard Dual Lock roll is 50 yards long but most manufacturers cut this material into strips, circles or die-cut shapes before using it for assembly in their production process. Now Halco is making it easy for its customers to order quantities of Dual Lock strips in the length and width that they need. Let us do the strip cutting for you! Using the configurator below, you can buy Dual Lock by the yard or in smaller strips, both mated and unmated. For more unique requests, such as die-cut circles or shapes, please speak with one of our representatives.


  • Transport
  • Industrial
  • Display & Graphics


  • Black
  • Transparent

Our New Calculator makes it easy to order dual Lock Strips to improve productivity!

There are many times when a manufacturer might want to buy Dual Lock by the inch or yard and place an order for Dual Lock strips to improve productivity. The calculator below will help you calculate the cost and submit a request to us. Give it a try!

Price and order 3M Dual Lock strips by the INCH or yard, mated and unmated

Dual Lock Circles, DOTS and Die- Cuts

Halco is an expert at Dual Lock die-cutting and can cut specific shapes very efficiently to match your design. We’ve learned how to effectively convert Dual Lock reclosable fasteners without damaging their interlocking mushroom heads and can convert both mated and unmated pieces, including both strips, circles and coins.


Custom die cut 3M dual lock fastener.
A roller being used to snap together 3M dual lock reclosable fastener with a close up of interlocking mushroom-shaped heads.

Dual Lock Features

  • Interlocking mushroom-shaped heads have five times the tensile strength of hook and loop fasteners
  • Durable — open and close up to 1,000 times before losing 50% of original tensile strength
  • Temperature, moisture and UV resistant. Suitable for use outdoors
  • Different stem densities are available to create different closure strengths.
  • VHB pressure-sensitive adhesive easily forms a powerful bond with the substrate
  • Easy to apply and maintain, easy to clean out dust or debris.
  • The viscoelastic VHB adhesive tape helps reduce vibration and noise
  • Low Profile Dual Lock option is approximately half the thickness of standard 3M™ Dual Lock


Product FamilyAdhesive TypeSubstratesType 170Type 250Type 400
SJ3540 (Black)Rubber-basedIndoor Use with:
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, PC, ABS, Powder Coated Paints, Polypropylene
SJ3550 (Black)Conformable AcrylicIndoor/Outdoor Use with:
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, Acrylic, PC, ABS
SJ3560 (Clear)Firm AcrylicIndoor/Outdoor Use with:
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, Acrylic, PC, ABS
SJ3870 (Black)Conformable Modified AcrylicIndoor/Outdoor Use with:
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, PC, ABS, Powder Coated Paints
For thinner applications, see our 3M Dual Lock low profile reclosable fasteners including: SJ4570 (clear, indoor use)SJ4575 (black) and SJ4580 (clear, indoor/outdoor use).

selecting the right dual lock stem density

One of the many benefits of Dual Lock is that it is self-engaging and makes an audible snap with it is engaged or disengaged. The Dual Lock products that end in zero have a wavy stem pattern that has a stem count of 250 stems per inch. These products mate to themselves and work for the vast majority of customer applications in most industries, so a customer just has to buy one side and not two.

There are times, however, when a customer might want a different level of force for fastener engagement or disengagement. For these situations, 3M offers other Dual Lock products that have a lower stem density (170 stems per square inch) or a higher density (400 stems per square inch). These products are almost always mated to a 250 stem count product and are never mated to themselves. Provided below is a table that shows you the engagement and disengagement force of these different combinations.

Stem Density CombinationEngagement Force (Tensile)Disengagement Force (Tensile)
170 to 25013 lbs/sq in27 lbs/sq in
250 to 25022 lbs/sq in43 lbs/sq in
250 to 40031 lbs/sq in60 lbs/sq in
Low Profile Dual Lock to Itself27 lbs/sq in
Tensile strength of different Dual Lock stem density combinations

Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers that use hook and loop regularly have questions about the differences between hook and loop fasteners and Dual Lock as a solution for product closure and attachment.

Q: What Are the Key differences between dual lock and hook and loop Fasteners?

A: Most Dual Lock customers use products that are self-mating and so only need one component, compared to hook and loop fasteners which use two. It has a more rigid backing and because of its interlocking mushroom cap design, a higher engagement strength. It is used most often for mounting rigid materials, such as panels and makes an audible snap when connected.

Q: In What formats is Dual Lock Available?

A: Strips, dots or circles, sheets, rolls and die-cut parts

Q: Are there different types of Dual Lock?

A: Regular 3M Dual Lock is thicker and heavier duty, providing a engagement strength of 40 lbs per square inch with a fastener thickness of 1/4 inch. Low Profile Dual Lock is much thinner at 1/10 inch and offers an engagement strength of about 25 lbs per square inch. A variety of adhesive options are available to match different substrates.

Q: Does it Come in Different Colors?

A: It is only available in black and transparent colors and cannot be dye-matched.

Q: Is Dual Lock temperature and UV Resistant? Can it Be Used Outdoors?

A: 3M Dual Lock with VHB acrylic adhesive has proven itself for outdoor use and can withstand temperatures -40F to 200F. It also can withstand moisture and damp conditions. Black Dual Lock products, like SJ3550, are slightly more UV resistant than than the clear products. Low Profile Dual Lock is not suitable for outdoor use.

Q: Can Dual Lock Adhere to Most Substrates?

A: Rubber and acrylic adhesive options are available to adhere 3M Dual Lock to most medium and high surface energy substrates, including metals, glass, composites and plastics. Low surface energy substrates, like thermoformed rubber materials and low surface energy plastics, will need to be primed. Dual Lock is almost never used with porous or very flexible substrates like textiles, plastic films or foils. Low Profile Dual Lock is thinner, more conformable is often used with packaging materials or graphics.

Q: Is Dual Lock easy to Die-Cut?

A: It is critically important not to crush or cut the mushroom caps while die-cutting. Halco has specific expertise in how to die-cut 3M Dual Lock and recommend that you work with Halco’s sales and estimating team for Dual Lock die-cut parts.

Q: In What situations is Dual Lock Most Frequently Used?

A: 3M Dual Lock is a ‘blind fastener’ that allows an installer or assembly to attach a component and have confidence that it is a secure attachment via its audible snap. It then allows that component to be removed later for service and access.

Q: Can Dual Lock be Sewn in? How is it Attached?

A: Dual Lock should not be sewn in as its backing is fairly rigid. Most Dual Lock attachment systems rely on its adhesive tape, but it can also be attached with structural adhesives or welded.

q: Can Dual Lock be Used to Make a Strap?

A: This is exceedingly rare as 3M Dual Lock does not come in a back-to-back version or allow for other features like tabs, grommets and buckles. We recommend Halco’s back-to-back or AGR back-to-back hook and loop fasteners for most strap applications.

Q: What are some of the Challenges of using Dual Lock in Assembly?

A: Many customers rely on their operators to cut 3M Dual Lock to length on the production floor, resulting in lost productivity and safety issues. This is why Halco is offering a program that pre-cuts these strips for its manufacturing customers. It is also important that the substrates attached be parallel and close enough to provide a secure attachment.

Q: Is a Medical Version Available?

A: 3M Dual Lock can be used for certain non-FDA regulated applications, but it generally considered an industrial product.

Q: What Else Should I know? Are Samples and Technical Support Available?

A: Halco is the expert in reclosable fastening solutions and has deep expertise with 3M Dual Lock. Samples are available and we provide outstanding technical support to our customers.


Interior Panel Attachments

– Passenger rail cars
– Buses
– Ambulances
– Marine vessels
– Elevators

Removable Access Panels

– Water and natural gas valves
– Electrical junctions
– Elevator control boxes
– Recessed lighting

Mobile Mounting

– Windshields
– Vehicle dashboards
– Electronics, sensors or trackers
– Motorcycle or RV accessories

Signage and Display

– Free-standing signage
– Kiosk assembly
– Point-of-sale system attachment
– Placards or retail price tags


Industry Standards and Certifications

  • REACH & RoHS Compliant

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