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Welcome to our new brand


We are Halco, serving manufacturing customers worldwide as a trusted solutions provider of customized attachment, closure, and fastening innovation. We’ve developed proprietary product technologies and partner with leading material manufacturers. Combining a depth of knowledge and expertise with a breadth of specialty products and converting capabilities, we cater to the unique demands of diverse sectors with an unbeatable range of options.  We strive to overcome every challenge to enhance our customers’ product designs and productivity while delivering an unrivalled customer experience.

Understanding the new Brand

Halco embraces its brand identity and mission to provide innovative attachment, closure, and fastening solutions to empower businesses worldwide. Our brand mark is fresh, modern, and distinctive, embodying our commitment to reliability and innovation and building close customer partnerships to deliver customized solutions that connect.


Our bold typeface embodies Halco’s strong foundation of
innovation and reliable
performance for a modern,
clean look and robust
industrial presence.


Tightly aligned lettering speaks to how closely we
partner with other leading manufacturers and our customers
to deliver customized
solutions that connect.


The “O” design enhances
the brand with
a nod to Halco’s roll materials and precision converting and fabrication capabilities.


This differentiating design element points forward to the future to signify our fast moving, progressive nature and how we help our customer succeed with solutions that connect.

How The Brand Was Developed

Your input was critically important to the development of our new brand. We interviewed dozens of customers to get their perceptions, thoughts and ideas about Halco’s identity and unique value, both to them as a customer and out in the marketplace. We also spoke to our supplier partners and had interviews with employees in several different functional areas. All of this input was brought together, along with the input and plans of our executive board, to develop the new brand.

Halco’s New Tagline

The Halco brand tagline underscores our expanded mission to be recognized as a solutions provider that combines a depth of expertise with a breadth of products, services and capabilities. The word “connect” refers to the capabilities of our products but also speaks to how we connect with our customers to understand their industry and solve their unique needs.

This is Just the Beginning!

So what does this new brand mean to you? The announcement of our new brand doesn’t change what the company stands for. We live this brand promise every day. We’ve been a trusted solutions provider for our customers for many years. Our partners and suppliers trust us with their intellectual property and business agreements. And Halco continues to be a positive and inspiring place to work.

But what it does do is boldly declare that we are a global solutions provider in the reclosable fastening and attachments market with an industry leading range of products, converting capabilities and solutions. We’re proud to deliver the solutions and value that we do to our customers.

We’re excited about what the future holds for Halco and you can trust that we will continue to bring you the very best solutions available in the industry today. That why we say “Solutions That Connect”!