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Halco Cable Management Products Used In Heavy Equipment.

Hook and Loop cable wrap products are used by industry leading brands such as Caterpillar and John Deere. Halco products are being used to secure hydraulic hoses, wires, cables and cords.

Reclosable cable tie solutions highlight the genius behind the reclosable Hook and Loop concept. For many years leading manufacturers have been using plastic cable ties to secure everything from hoses to electrical wires and cables.

Issues with conventional cable ties included:

  1. Risk of damage and operator injury when cutting cable ties to gain access or move parts around within machinery.
  2. Difficulty in meeting specifications like custom lengths & widths without large minimums and quality issues like brittleness in low temperatures.
  3. Elements like Moisture affecting impact resistance.
  4. Costs associated with a onetime use product.

Halco has assisted in the design and development of a heavy-duty Back2Back strap. These custom straps have a holding strength of more than 45lbs and can withstand the punishment of extreme temperatures, UV Light, and can comply with Flame Retardant standards.

Projected strap production will exceed 5,500,000 pieces in 2019 and Halco is proud to help improve the efficiency and functionality of Farm and Heavy Industrial / Mining machinery.