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Inline Corona Surface Treatment

Inline Corona Surface Treatment In the world of Low Surface Energy (LSE) materials, Corona treatment is a crucial part of the Halco production line to ensure that adhesives bond securely… Continue Reading >

Did You Know? We Do Printed Flanges

  Put your name where it counts. Buyers are warier than ever these days, with the growth of e-commerce and the availability of low-quality knock-offs or imitations that don’t deliver… Continue Reading >

Let Halco Strengthen Your Brand

Have you ever thought about what would set your company apart of your competition? How strong is your brand?  Halco would like to help you create opportunities to help you… Continue Reading >

Hard to Find Widths

 NOW OFFERING HARD-TO-FIND WIDTHS! HALCO manufactures the broadest range of Hook & Loop widths in the industry. Standard Sew on Hook & Loop Fasteners are available in custom widths such as:… Continue Reading >