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Low Profile Type 1 Molded Hook

Low Profile Type 1 Molded Hook

Halco’s type1 molded hook provides a low-profile fastening solution that engages with a variety of woven, knit, and non-woven materials. This fastener exhibits a strong shear strength which means it’s suitable for many applications including medical, automotive, display & print, and industrial.


  • Transport
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Display & Graphics


  • White
  • Black

Product Technical Data

Halco’s type1 molded nylon hook fastening tape is available in 1/2″ – 12″ widths. This product can be slit to any custom width.

This product has a plain back for sew-on applications.

This hook fastener is available with a variety of backings including adhesive, fabrics, suede, and loop materials (Back2Back).

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ConstructionExtruded Plastic
Hook Height0.0146″ (0.37mm)
Melting Point215ºC (419ºF)


Industry Standards and Certifications

  • REACH & RoHS Compliant
  • Fastener is also available with a FR coating to meet FAA & FMV specifications.

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See It IN Person

Request a sample of this product to test the material and make sure it’s a perfect fit for your application.

Customize this product

Adhesive Lamination

Halco has a selection of pressure sensitive adhesives from 3M and other suppliers and can custom laminate these adhesives to our hook and loop to meet the unique needs of industry applications.

Die Cutting & Converting

Halco is an expert at hook and loop die-cutting and can cut specific shapes very efficiently to match your design. We also slit and add custom liners to our materials to better match our customer’s assembly process.

Strap Fabrication

Halco fabricates a wide variety of custom hook and loop straps, die-cut ties, and finished goods in many colors and designs for a wide range of markets.

Custom Color / Width

Halco offers a dye-to-match programs to meet your color requirement and will slit material to unique widths to perfectly suit your application.

Product Code Search

Use the filters below (width & color) to view popular stock sizes and their related part numbers.

If you can not see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with a Halco representative to discuss your needs.

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Product CodeWidthLengthColorDescription
LPSBH121/2"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH121/2"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH585/8"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH585/8"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH343/4"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH343/4"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH1001"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH1001"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH1121 1/2"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH1121 1/2"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH2002"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH2002"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH4004"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH4004"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH6006"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH6006"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSBH120012"55 YDBlackType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back
LPSWH120012"55 YDWhiteType1 Molded Hook Plain-Back