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Weldable Hook and Loop

Weldable Hook and Loop

Halco premium-grade weldable adhesive provides a permanent bond with an excellent temperature range and water resistance. Typically used on flexible vinyl’s, this adhesive is activated through heat or RF welding. The adhesive is dry to the touch but once activated, the adhesive turns into a gel state and bonds securely to the substrate. The bond strength is normally superior to any pressure-sensitive adhesive products.


  • Transport
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Display & Graphics


  • White
  • Black

Product Technical Data

Halco’s weldable adhesive provides a quick permanent bond to flexible and semi-rigid substrates. This adhesive is ideally suited for bonding to PVC’s for a waterproof long lasting solution. It is available in 1/2″ – 6″ widths and can be slit to any custom width or die-cut to shape.

All Halco textile and molded hook and loop fasteners are available with weldable adhesive.

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Adhesive ConstructionPU
Adhesive ColorClear
Adhesive Thickness3 Mil


Automotive Floor Mats

Carpet and floor mat manufacturers in North America rely on Halco’s weldable adhesive to provide a permanent attachment for interior applications.

Tents & Awnings

Using weldable adhesive on flexible vinyl’s for tents and awnings means for a waterproof seal. Using this permanent attachment method eliminates the perforation of the materials which is caused by traditional sewing methods.

Medical Blood Pressure Cuffs

Halco molded hook and knit/unnapped loops are used in medical applications with weldable adhesive where a permanent bond is required.

Industry Standards and Certifications

  • REACH & RoHS Compliant

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See It IN Person

Request a sample of this product to test the material and make sure it’s a perfect fit for your application.

Customize this product

Die Cutting & Converting

Halco is an expert at hook and loop die-cutting and can cut specific shapes very efficiently to match your design. We also slit and add custom liners to our materials to better match our customer’s assembly process.

Custom Color / Width

Halco offers a dye-to-match programs to meet your color requirement and will slit material to unique widths to perfectly suit your application.

Product Code Search

Use the filters below (width & color) to view popular stock sizes and their related part numbers.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please speak with a Halco representative to discuss your needs.

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Product CodeWidthLengthColorDescription
HFSBH343/4"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSBL343/4"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSWH343/4"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSWL343/4"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSBH1001"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSBL1001"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSWH1001"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSWL1001"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSBH1121 1/2"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSBL1121 1/2"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSWH1121 1/2"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSWL1121 1/2"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSBH2002"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSBL2002"27.5 YDBlackWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape
HFSWH2002"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Hook Tape
HFSWL2002"27.5 YDWhiteWeldable Adhesive Loop Tape