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Halco USA's great team are people who love what they do and care about getting it right. Everyone believes in honesty & hard work and our customers and partners get to reap the results.

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What’s with the Cocklebur? Nature’s way of fastening. The amazing discovery of Hook and Loop was first made in 1948 by a Swiss Engineer. During a walk in the country with his dog he noticed how difficult it was to detach the barbs (seeds) of the cocklebur plant from his clothing and his dog.

The Swiss engineer also being an inventor took a closer look at this extraordinary plant. From this he observed that the seeds -sac was made up of tiny hooks which attached themselves to clothing fiber, animal hair and even human hair. Thus came about the invention of Hook and Loop, a simple but very effective fastening system now used throughout the world.

The essential principle of Hook & Loop Fasteners has remained the same. Hundreds of tiny hooks engage with loops to provide a re-closeable bond. Today many versions of this original fastener exist providing different strengths, appearances and cycle life for countless applications.