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Tack Down: The Sewing Contractor’s Friend Posted by Roy Arnot | November 03, 2017

Ever feel like you could use a third hand on the job? Now you can, thanks to Halco’s latest innovation.

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The Problem

Stitching Hook & Loop to soft goods can pose challenges. Like other narrow width fabrics it can wobble or move around when sewn at high speeds. Slowing down to compensate for this kills productivity, and in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, time is money. 

The Solution

Halco is pleased to introduce Tack Down, the Hook & Loop fastener which stays in place while you sew it on. Featuring an adhesive strip down the center which holds it in position, this innovative fastener can be sewn faster than Standard Hook & Loop in just about any width, color or profile.

We also offer a Flame Retardant version suitable for aerospace applications and thermal insulation

Say Goodbye to Downtime.

Many cut & sew operations stitch adhesive-backed hook & loop for added strength. This creates a problem when the needles ‘gum up’ from repeated contact with the adhesive. 

Never again worry about gummed up needles! Tack Down’s unique design leaves a sewing channel along each side so you don’t have to stitch through adhesive. 

Find out how a furniture manufacturer’s recent switch to Tack Down is saving them a fortune. Request a sample today and watch your productivity soar!

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