Our Team

Who We are

Halco USA’s great team are people who love what they do and care about getting it right. Everyone believes in honesty & hard work and our customers and partners get to reap the results.

Guy Fussell General Manager guy@halcousa.com
Reuben Brown Marketing & Product Development reuben.brown@halcoeurope.com
Robyn Rogers Corporate Accounts Manager robyn.rogers@halcousa.com
Glenn Haughton Technical Director glenn.haughton@halcoeurope.com
Jasmine Razvi Marketing jasmine.razvi@halcoeurope.com
Leigh Fussell Key Account Support / Operations leigh@halcousa.com
Murray Fussell Sales Executive murray.fussell@halcousa.com
Gregg Haughton EU Sales Director gregg.haughton@halcoeurope.com
Becky Holman Office Administrator sales@halcohookloop.com
Nigel Haughton Chairman nigel.haughton@halcoeurope.com
Stuart Fussell President stuart@halcousa.com
Craig Haughton Sales & Operations Director craig.haughton@halcoeurope.com
Victoria Fussell Executive Assistant victoria.fussell@halcousa.com
Joel Brown UK Key Account Manager joel.brown@halcoeurope.com
Jake Fussell Sales Support / Production Specialist jake@halcousa.com
Alex Café West EU Key Account Manager alex.cafe@halcoeurope.com
Roy Arnot Marketing Executive roy.arnot@halcousa.com
Gavin Haughton UK & Middle East Sales Director gavin.haughton@halcoeurope.com
Jerry Brothers Sales Executive jerry.brothers@halcousa.com
Harvey Large UK Key Account Manager harvey.large@halcoeurope.com
Rhoda Brothers Marketing rhoda.brothers@halcousa.com
Marian Zima East EU Key Account Manager marian.zima@halcoeurope.com
Mark Fussell Production Manager mark.fussell@halcousa.com
Jerry Defres France Business Development jerry.defres@halcoeurope.com
Jesus Paz Warehouse Manager jesus.paz@halcousa.com
Weronika Kantor East EU Sales weronika.kantor@halcoeurope.com
Luis Lopez Production Supervisor luiz.lopez@halcousa.com
Taneo Russier France Key Account Manager taneo.russier@halcoeurope.com
Jesus Jimenez Production Assistant jesus.jimenez@halcousa.com
Reuben Alford Marketing / Product Development reuben.alford@halcoeurope.com
Terri Beaumont Executive Assistant terri.beaumont@halcoeurope.com
Dany Detre EU Business Development dany.detre@halcoeurope.com
Bernard Brown Finance Manager bernard.brown@halcoeurope.com
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