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We’re Bringing The Showroom To Your Production Line Posted by Roy Arnot | May 05, 2017

Few industries are evolving more rapidly than Transportation Interiors. This in turn demands newer, more innovative fastening solutions. Keeping up to date with all the changes can be challenging. 

With this new sample collection we’re bringing our showroom to your production line.

Halco USA is dedicated to keeping designers and engineers in touch with the latest fastening innovations. Whether you’re in design, installation or R&D, this kit was made for you. With the latest Hook & Loop innovations for Automotive, Aircraft, Train, Coach, and Ambulance interiors, you’ll find fasteners for seating, headliners, carpets, floor mats and more. 

Request Your FREE sample kit Today and tackle your next project with confidence! 

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Sourcing the right fastener for any project can be a challenge. How much easier it would be having your options within reach…

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