Cable Management & Wiring SystemsNoise Reduction in Thermal & Acoustic InsulationFloor Mats & Carpet AttachmentMounting & Interior TrimSeating AssemblyHeadliner/SunroofTonneau Cover & Bed LinersAutomotive Applications

Cable Management & Wiring Systems

Single and double sided strap fastening solutions for wiring, harnessing and cable systems. With a full in-house converting facility, Halco offers customized solutions.

Noise Reduction in Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

Specialty fasteners including custom adhesives and die cuts for securing noise dampening materials inside vehicles.

Floor Mats & Carpet Attachment

Woven and Molded hook fasteners providing a wide range of engagement strengths for a variety of different fabrics and loop materials.

Mounting & Interior Trim

Custom Hook and Loop solutions combined with specialty adhesives for low surface energy substrates, low fogging applications, etc.

Seating Assembly

Reclosable fasteners designed for use with sewing, cutting, welding or mold-in technologies.


Semi-permanent fasteners for headliners and sunroof applications. Designed and engineered for ease of application.

Tonneau Cover & Bed Liners

Solutions for accessories such as hard / soft truck bed covers, soft tops, seat covers, tire carriers, dashboard covers and much more.

Automotive Applications