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Boeing 777X Takes Off With HALCO Hook & Loop

We’re excited to be part of a new chapter for the world’s biggest aircraft builder.

Last month Boeing kicked off production of its new 777X, a new series of the long-range wide-body 777 airliner which has been flying since 1994.  HALCO’s Flame Retardant Hook & Loop will be in the seating on the first gleaming aircraft to roll off the assembly line.

Highlights of the Boeing 777X

As the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world, the 777X is unmatched in every aspect of performance. Costing over $360 million each, this is one magnificent flying machine. The hefty price tag seems of little consequence given Emirates’ record-breaking order for 150 aircraft!

Perhaps the most iconic feature of the 777X will be its folding wingtip option. With the largest wingspan Boeing has ever produced, it will have an option where the wings fold up while taxiing to help with navigation around crowded airports.

HALCO Aerospace Business Sees Sharp Growth in 2017

We continue to welcome new aerospace clients around the globe with our growing range of FR Hook & Loop options. Last year HALCO USA was selected for a multi-year contract to supply Flame Retardant Hook & Loop for the manufacture of seating for the 737 MAX, Boeing’s best-selling aircraft.

Whether it’s soundproofing aircraft cabins, seating customization, flammability testing or interior completions, HALCO is quickly becoming slot gacor known as the new go-to team for reclosable fastening expertise in every aspect of aircraft cabin completions.

HALCO supplies several industries requiring Flame Retardant closures – including Automotive, Military, Insulation and more. Our Standard FR products meet many industry Fire Retardant specification requirements, while specialty fasteners such as Adhesive Backed and Back-2-Back Hook & Loop tapes are also available in FR versions.

For product information, samples or burn certs contact us today.