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Explore Our New Website’s Features and Capabilities

You may have seen our announcement last week of our new website.  We’re very excited about it because it offers a range of features and capabilities that will enhance our service and relationship with you!  

At Halco, we’re focused on collaborating with manufacturers in technical industries to improve their product design or assembly.  So there’s a need to efficiently share application and product technical information about our hook and loop products and converting capabilities with our website.   

The rest of this article highlights some of the benefits and features of the website and how it might help when working with Halco:

Improved Access to Technical Information

  • Downloadable tech data sheets.  Customers can now download a technical data sheet directly from our website.  This capability is found right below the Product Technical Data at the top of our product pages.  Click here for an example
  • Stock number information.  On most of our product pages, we now provide stock number/product code information directly on our website to help you specify a Halco product.  If there’s a particular size or color  that you don’t see in the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Click here for an example
  • Help with adhesives selection.  We’ve developed a comprehensive guide, including a downloadable pdf, to give you the best possible help with choosing the right adhesive for your substrates, application and process.

Deeper Market and Application Content

Throughout the website, you’ll see deeper information on our participation in various industries, markets, and applications.  Many of these pages are new, including new industry pages for Display & Exhibit, Aerospace, Military & Law Enforcement, and General Industrial.  All of these new pages feature applications and relevant blog articles.  You can navigate to them right from the home page by clicking on Industries.

More Information on Halco’s Capabilities, the Company, and Our Services

We’ve included new and more comprehensive information on our capabilities, services, relationships, and the company itself:

  • Converting Capabilities. With an in-house state-of-the-art converting facility, Halco is able to help bring your design to life. We have the ability to die-cut and convert a wide range of flexible materials and adhesives from leading manufacturers.
  • Fabricated straps.  Not many know that Halco is a large fabricator of custom straps, so we’ve created an entirely new page to show you examples of the different kinds of straps we frequently make for our customers.
  • Our partnerships.  Halco is a rapidly growing 3M Preferred Converter and many of their pressure sensitive adhesives are coupled with our fasteners to provide unique solutions that meet industry and customer requirements.
  • Corporate responsibility.  Many of our customers have specific requirements for the corporate responsibility of their suppliers.  We’ve made that information easily accessible.

We’re excited about these new capabilities and we invite you to take a look around our website.  You’re our customer and we’d love your feedback.  So please send us your thoughts on what you like or what you’d like to see improved by clicking on Contact Us