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Face Shields and Masks for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Halco is collaborating closely with Industry leaders in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Respiration to bring Face Shields and Masks to market.

Halco has increased to 24/7 production on COVID-19 essential products including:

Halco designers are working with Converters and OEMs throughout North America and assisting with:

  • Innovative Fastening and Attachment Methods
  • Rapid Sampling & Prototypes
  • Supply Chain & Production Timelines
  • Alternative Material Solutions Due to Worldwide Inventory Shortages

Halco USA will continue to monitor the COVID-19 global crisis. Our first responsibility is to governments and medical providers to ensure product reaches the front line as soon as possible.

We WILL win this war!

Medical Device / Masks / Garments Mfrs should reach out to a dedicated team at