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Firefighter Turnout Gear / PPE – Reclosable Fasteners

Amongst Firefighters and Rescue personnel, having reliable turnout gear is crucial since their lives depend on it for protection. This is the layer that protects our dedicated service men and women from whatever elements they may be exposed to whether its chemicals or extreme temperatures. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is routinely inspected and serviced because proper care assures accurate performance, longevity, and most importantly the personnel’s safety. Meeting the NFPA 1851 is vital to ensure these repairs are performed correctly.

What is NFPA 1851?

“This standard establishes requirements for the selection, care, and maintenance of fire fighting protective ensembles to reduce health and safety risks associated with improper maintenance, contamination, or damage.”

Selecting an ISP for PPE Maintenance & Cleaning:

“Although many departments choose ISPs to manage their PPE, other departments use in-house PPE selection, cleaning, and maintenance programs. Whatever method your department chooses, it must follow NFPA 1851.”


When it comes to the Hook and Loop closures on turnout gear or PPE, frequent replacement repairs are due to failures from continuous use each and every day. With a required annual inspection, the repair costs can sometimes exceed the original cost of the turnout gear when new.

Halco has worked closely over the years with the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and many verified ISP’s (Independent Service Providers) to develop an FR (Flame Retardant) Hook and Loop closure system that is robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands but also exhibit a much longer lifecycle. This new Hook and Loop fastening solution has been tested and not only increase the longevity of the gear but also helps reduce cost.

Whether its turnout coats, pants, helmets, footwear, or gloves, Hook and Loop Fasteners continue to be a reliable solution for many reclosable applications. It’s our continued commitment to develop reliable products to assure that Firefighters can perform to the best of their abilities whilst being protected.


Speak with a Halco representative to learn more about these fastening solutions. Request samples and further information.