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Halco Launches New Transport Fasteners For 2016


In an age of disruptive innovation, the pressure on manufacturers to evolve has probably never been greater. We’re meeting the challenge head-on in 2016 by expanding our range of specialty fasteners for the transportation industry. Get your sample pack now!

Here’s a quick look at two of HALCO’s key markets: 

Automotive: Vehicle manufacturing is a strategic industry in North America, where over 17.5 million cars, vans, trucks and buses are built each year. The impact of the ongoing changes in the global automotive market are profound, as OEMs invest to produce energy efficient vehicles to meet the demands of tomorrow’s consumers. Manufacturing techniques are also changing rapidly, with HALCO leading to provide fasteners that reduce the cost and time of assembly.

Our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the industry has led HALCO to supply some of the most prestigious vehicle and transport manufacturers. Whether the application is a hidden hook and loop closure on a seat or headliner or a rigid hook for a tonneau cover, HALCO will work directly, or partner with an OEM to provide infallible solutions. 

Aerospace: According to the GAMA the aviation industry contributes more than $219 billion to the U.S. economy annually and employs more than 1.1 million people. Currently there are more than 362,000 general aviation aircraft in the world, ranging from two-seat training aircraft to intercontinental business jets. More than half of these are based in the United States.

HALCO works closely with component manufacturers to prototype and create fastening systems including Flame Retardant adhesives, Heat Resistant hook & loop and Specialty Molded Hook products.  

With a global presence in North America, the UK and France, we are honored to supply the transportation industries in over 30 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia. HALCO’s state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and a vast stock of over 650 product lines ensures that we are always one step ahead in delivering supply chain flexibility. From our innovation centers across the globe we are able to produce custom fastening systems from concept to completion with unrivalled lead times.

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