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Halco Launches PRO Series Hook and Loop for Bundling and Cable Management

Our world is increasingly driven by vast sums of data stored in data centers.  Even moderately-sized companies must safely store hundreds of terabytes of data and their operations are critically dependent on the integrity, availability, and communication of this data throughout their facilities and their organization.  

Datacenter managers keep the network and fiber optic cables that deliver this data neatly organized so that hardware systems can be efficiently traced, serviced, and moved and that any changes in data center capacity can easily be implemented.   For this reason, data center managers frequently hire professional cable installers to organize and bundle their cables in a system called “structured cabling”.   

Standards for Structured Cable Installations

Professional cable installers and technicians install these structured cable systems to meet the industry-standard ANSI/TIA 568.1-D.  Within this standard, there is a chapter focused on how these cables are to be bundled.  What it says is that plastic cable ties should not be used.  Plastic cable ties can cinch a cable too tightly and alter the cable’s geometry and performance.  Also, when a move is needed, they need to be cut off with a wire cutter or other sharp tool, further endangering the cable bundle.  

Instead, the standard says that soft, conformable hook and loop material should be used to bundle the cables every three to six feet.  Hook and loop ties (and rolls) are trusted by professional cable installers because they can easily be removed and repositioned without the use of tools and without danger to the cable. 

If a cable bundle is placed in an environmental air plenum (like an HVAC duct, suspended ceiling, or raised floor), then those cables and cable tie systems must meet the requirements of the NEC section 300.22 C and D.  These sections require the use of products that are fire retardant and have low smoke and heat release properties.  Halco’s fire retardant hook and loop, for the PRO Series, passes the fire retardant tests (UL 2043) to meet the requirements of NEC section 300.22 C and D.  Pro contractors and installers can confidently use Halco’s PRO Series products for their bundling needs while meeting building code requirements.  

Halco Launches “PRO Series” Bundling Tapes

Halco has been supplying hook and loop bundling tapes to the medical, automotive, and general industrial markets for years.  Now Halco is bringing its hook and loop bundling tapes to the IT and telecommunications markets to help professional cable installers confidently meet the needs of data center managers and the code requirements of TIA 568.1-D and NEC 300.22 C and D, as well as requirements from UL, BICSI, and AVIXA.

Unlike plastic cable ties that can constrict and damage cables, Halco’s back-to-back self-engaging hook and loop is soft, flexible, and reusable to more safely support cable moves and additions.  Our cable management products are professional grade and packaged in a variety of widths and sizes to meet the requirements of any size cable installation project.  

These bundling tapes can be used in a variety of applications including data communications, electrical wire harnesses, pro-AV & security systems, building plenum spaces, and medical/industrial.  

Samples Available of Halco’s New PRO Series Products

Are you a PRO contractor, data center manager, or technician needing a cost-effective solution for cable management?  Or perhaps you need to secure and protect a wire harness or organize cords for a security system, medical device, or some industrial equipment?  Click on the sample request below and we’ll send you a sample roll to evaluate for your project. Learn More