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Halco Now Featuring 3M 9775WL Adhesive Tape For Secure Hook & Loop Attachment

Halco is focused on offering the best solutions for its customers using adhesive tape on its hook and loop fastening systems. This requires some significant expertise because the backing of hook and loop materials have textured or irregular surfaces and are made from low to medium surface energy plastics.

We’re now putting additional focus on 3M 9775WL and offering it on a wider range of our products. For example, when you buy a colored hook and loop product with an adhesive tape from Halco, we’ll adhesive coat it and ship it with 3M 9775WL for no additional charge. You’ll get the durable adhesive performance of an acrylic 3M adhesive transfer tape when many other hook and loop companies would simply provide a low-cost rubber adhesive.

What Makes 3M 9775WL Unique

3M 9775WL is made using 3M’s 300MP adhesive family. It is exceptionally versatile, durable and a great choice to use with Halco hook and loop on a wide variety of substrates:

  • It’s a soft, high tack acrylic, with a good initial bond, ideal for use with fabricated foams, plastics, fabrics, and other rough and textured substrates.
  • It offers exceptional humidity, solvent, chemical, and UV resistance for better adhesive bond durability more than traditional adhesives
  • It has good heat resistance capabilities and performs at temperatures up to 250°F
  • Because it is so versatile and works so well across many different substrates, it’s a great first choice when considering an adhesive selection

The Environmental Difference

3M 9775WL is manufactured using a solventless manufacturing process. Many acrylic adhesives are made with solvents to help liquefy the adhesive solids. When these solvent-based acrylic adhesives are coated, the tapes must go through a solvent recovery oven and then the recovered solvents are burned in a thermal oxidizer. 3M’s 9775WL tape, using 300MP adhesive, uses a completely different process using none of these solvents, which is better for the environment and is less costly to produce.

Best Applications for 3M 9775WL with Halco Hook and Loop

3M 9775WL with 300MP adhesive is preferred by foam fabricators around the world, so if you’re working with foam, especially closed-cell foam and need a hook and loop fastening solution, then a Halco hook and loop fastener with 9775WL is a great choice.

Also, this adhesive transfer tape works exceptionally well on low surface energy substrates and is great for permanently bonding plastics.

Finally, it’s a great “tack down” adhesive used to hold flexible materials in place while a secondary operation, like sewing, is done to create the permanent bond.

Common applications that come to mind are:

  • Helmet manufacturing (attaching pads to the helmet interior)
  • Foam products for the medical and transportation industries
  • A wide range of sporting and leisure good products
  • Applications involving cushions and mats
  • Defense / military products and apparel
  • Specialty packaging, display, and graphics products
  • Contract sewing

Try a Sample of Halco Hook & Loop with 3M 9775WL in Your Design

We’d like to know more about your project. Tell us a little more about it in the form below and we’ll send you a complimentary sample of Halco Hook and Loop with 3M 9775WL to test.