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Halco Hook and Loop Solutions for Emergency Medical Response

Hook and loop fasteners have become invaluable components in the emergency response products industry, providing secure, adjustable, and user-friendly solutions for a wide range of critical applications. Halco USA, a leading manufacturer of specialty hook and loop materials and a converter/fabricator of hook and loop fastening parts, is a trusted partner for many manufacturers in the medical, defense, and emergency response sectors. Halco’s innovative fastening materials and solutions are relied upon to ensure the functionality, durability, and reliability of essential emergency response products.

Windlass TourniquetS

In the manufacturing of windlass tourniquets, a critical piece of emergency medical equipment, tourniquet makers rely on specialized mixed hook and loop materials offered by Halco USA. These self-gripping materials feature hook and loop elements on the same side and are available in black and high-visibility colors blue, and orange. This unique configuration allows the tourniquet’s rod or windlass to be secured in place effectively, ensuring proper application and preventing unintended loosening during use.

Additionally, long loop straps supplied by Halco USA are integrated into the tourniquet design, enabling the device to be tightened and cinched around the injured limb. The adjustability and secure grip provided by hook and loop fasteners make them an ideal solution for tourniquet manufacturers, helping to create reliable and user-friendly products that can be critical in preventing life-threatening blood loss in emergency situations.


Hook and loop fasteners play a vital role in the manufacturing of both soft and hard case first aid kits, ensuring secure storage and easy access to critical medical supplies. For soft case kits like IFAKs, TFAKs, MFAKs, and AFAKs, manufacturers rely on sew-on hook and loop materials from Halco USA. External facing hook and loop allows users to securely attach the kits to various surfaces or secure additional accessories, while internal hook and loop helps organize and keep contents in place.  

In hard shell first aid kits, adhesive-backed hook and loop from Halco is commonly used to line the interior. This allows individual first aid packs or components to be firmly secured within the case, preventing unwanted movement and ensuring quick access during emergencies. The adjustability and strong grip of hook and loop fasteners make them indispensable in first aid kit design, enabling manufacturers to create organized, portable, and user-friendly solutions for delivering prompt medical care in emergency situations.

Patient Transport Products

Hook and loop fasteners are invaluable in the design of patient transport and immobilization products such as stretchers, gurneys, backboards, papooses, and head straps. These fasteners, sourced from Halco USA, provide a secure and adjustable way to safely restrain and immobilize patients during emergency transport or treatment.

On stretchers and backboards, hook and loop straps are commonly used to firmly secure the patient’s body, preventing unnecessary movement that could exacerbate injuries. Papooses, which are wraps that swaddle patients to restrict motion, often employ hook and loop closures along the length for a customizable, comfortable fit. Head straps equipped with hook and loop allow for steady immobilization of the head and neck area, a critical component of spinal immobilization. The adjustability and rapid binding ability of hook and loop enable emergency responders to quickly and effectively secure patients, minimizing the risk of further harm while providing crucial medical care and safe transportation.

Emergency Tents and Shelters

In rapid deployment emergency tents and shelters, hook and loop fasteners play a crucial role in providing quick access, ventilation control, and structural stability. Strips of the hook and loop material, supplied by Halco USA, are frequently used as closures for the doors, windows, and vents, allowing for easy opening and closing mechanisms that can be adjusted as needed. This versatility enables occupants to regulate airflow and access points effortlessly.

Additionally, hook and loop patches or loops from Halco are often integrated into the tent or shelter body, serving as secure attachment points for guy lines. These attachments ensure that the shelter can be properly tensioned and stabilized, enhancing its resistance against adverse weather conditions and providing a safe haven during emergency situations. The combination of these two applications demonstrates the versatility and practicality of hook and loop fasteners in the design and functionality of emergency shelters.

The Halco Advantage

Halco USA’s comprehensive range of hook and loop fastening materials and solutions have become instrumental in the design and manufacture of vital emergency response products. From tourniquets and first aid kits to patient immobilization and rapid deployment shelters, Halco’s specialized offerings ensure secure fastening, adjustability, and ease of use, enabling manufacturers to create reliable and user-friendly products that can save lives in critical situations. As a trusted partner in the industry, Halco continues to innovate and provide tailored hook and loop solutions, supporting the development of advanced emergency response equipment.

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