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HALCO takes “Specialty Items” to a whole new level

What are specialty items?  They are materials that not every vendor will have on their shelf or maybe not even offer. They are materials that will allow our customers to bring more value to their own product lines. They are materials that actually change a topic, or carry a conversation on longer than usual.  They are NEW, and allow creativity.  They bring new meaning to something that is passe. They change how you may have looked at a product line that has been in existence for  many years that has never been changed, they actually revive it. Specialty items can be fun and can be quite beautiful.  They sometimes are materials that you may have never seen before and often are a compliment to your already amazing product line.  They enhance and often replace.  Sometimes they act as a solution to a sewing department that spends too much time making something by hand, and can work almost identically, sometimes even better..

Halco USA Specializes in Specialty materials. Hook and Loop is not our side line, it is our only line. We understand how important it is to be at the forefront of your competition and we want to help. We want to work directly with your design team and engineers to create together. Hook and loop is our forte. No matter what industry you are in, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Military, etc… We have what you are looking for and materials you have never seen or will from our competitors. We are the best at what we do, have the most information, are very creative, and are a highly skilled team in our industry.  

Just when you think that is all we do, we also have programs for our customers. We can put your product codes on every box, we can use your part numbers on our invoices and your packing slips, we can bar code if need be, we have KANBAN programs, we have spec sheets for every item, that is just some of what we do.  Plus we watch your account like a hawk and make sure through our programs you do not run out, and often have safety stock in case you use more than expected.  Would you like a report of what you have used the last quarter?, We do that, and much more. How would you like us to visit you, yes, face-to-face, we do that too. How would you like to call your rep and your rep actually calls you back? How would you like to matter?, Not get lost? How would you like to call us for a favor, and we do it?  Last min orders, not an issue, we have been known to drive it to UPS if  they have already come.  We are not even done, how about a location in Europe? Because we have one.  Talk about working with a complete team, with the same quality of materials, and the same abilities, because that is what you receive when you work with HALCO. 

So come on a Journey with us over the next 6 months, and watch us as we add more product lines to our already very large selection. If you call us now, we have been known to give sneak peaks to what is coming.  

Looking forward to working with you. Best Wishes,  Robyn Rogers

  Halco USA  877-532-1561