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Let Halco Strengthen Your Brand

Have you ever thought about what would set your company apart of your competition? How strong is your brand?  Halco would like to help you create opportunities to help you grow your name, grow your business, and grow your product lines.  Ancillary products that are the French fries to the hamburger, the extra products that help companies grow, and a way to make things new and exciting.

We can help you create many types of private labeling. Whether it is on your roll flange, standard cut parts, die cut parts from our rotary die cutting machines, straps that are printed with your logo, web site, or anything else you desire, combo boxes that have a dispenser (we can put any type of hook and loop in the box), and it can be done for any industry, plus it can be printed. What about retail packaging? Or something never done before? How fun does that sound? Not only that, but we can bar code as well, and package any way YOU want. 

If this is something of interest, please contact your sales rep, they would love to go over all the details with you.