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Say Goodbye to Boring, Uninspiring Straps

Does your product use a strap or pull tab? Make it stand out with Suede-x.

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Your Competitor Won’t Want You Reading This.

Hook & loop straps are typically used on medical and orthopedic devices, military apparel, upholstery, flexible covers and other soft goods. The list goes on. Sadly, these straps are too-often designed around cost and function with little thought given to aesthetics. An opportunity to add value is missed.

Halco is changing that with our exclusive line of designer backings that will take your strap from bland, boring and unimaginative to becoming a true showpiece for your product.

Stand Out With Suede-x.

Featuring a soft, velvety-smooth nubuck, Suede-x backing transforms the simplest pull tab, belt or strap, giving it a dash of elegance and sophistication.

Put a Logo on it.

Turn your strap into a billboard for your brand! Suede-x looks fantastic when pad printed. Request a sample today and be amazed!

Check out these other popular backings, exclusively from Halco:

Know Your Options.

Designing a strap or simply sourcing options? Don’t limit yourself. Let our team of experts show you what we’ve done for others which they hadn’t thought possible. You’ll thank yourself in the end for making a better decision.

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