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Speed Your Production with Halco’s Hook and Loop Dots and Coins

Much like Halco’s involvement in the fabrication of custom hook and loop straps, Halco is also a major manufacturer of die-cut hook and loop coins. These die-cut hook and loop fasteners are also known as circles and dots. They are frequently sold as kiss-cut circles on a roll with a removable liner for both small and large assembly jobs.

Hook and Loop Coins Used In Industry

Hook and loop dots or coins are used in all kinds of markets and industries, ranging from smaller projects in arts, crafts, and education to much larger production jobs in specialty packaging, graphics, and commercial printing. The use of these self-adhesive hook and loop circles provides an important reclosable fastening feature to the customer’s assembly and eliminates the need for other fastening or adhesive solutions.

Perhaps the largest application for sticky back hook and loop dots is in the specialty packaging market. Manufacturers of consumer packaged goods frequently use small hook and loop circles or dots to fasten the overlap flap of a box, cardboard sleeve, or display. This allows the consumer to lift the flap and see the product inside without removing it from its packaging.

Unique Features of Hook and Loop Coins

Most hook and loop coins have a sticky side with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and are kiss-cut on a removable liner. Halco offers hook and loop dots with both rubber and acrylic adhesives. The use of rubber adhesives is more common and will adhere well to most surfaces. Kiss cutting is a process where the hook and loop material is cut all the way through down to the liner, but the liner itself is not cut. This makes it easy for the liner with the self-adhesive dots to be wound into a roll and for the dots to be easily removed from the liner during assembly.

The coins themselves can be made from any hook and loop fastening material, but standard nylon is the most common. Most of the coins that are used in these applications are either black or white, but any color can be used. It’s important to remember that both the hook side and the loop side must be purchased.

The Advantage of Halco’s Cross Wound Rolls

In high-volume situations, the application of these hook and loop coins is often automated or is being used by an assembly crew for a large time-sensitive job (such as in commercial printing). It’s important to the manufacturing customer that a large volume of dots be on one roll and that change-outs be minimized to keep production running. To support this, Halco offers very long-length hook and loop coins on a cross wound spool. Once customers start using these long-length cross-wound spools, they rarely want to go back to a regular planetary roll.

Halco’s Capabilities

As an agile, high-performance converter of specialty hook and loop fasteners, Halco can custom convert products to your requirements. However, we do make hook and loop coins to some common specifications and these are listed below:

  • Standard colors are black and white, custom colors available
  • Standard sizes between 3/8″ and 2″, custom die-cutting up to 12″ wide
  • Planetary rolls or spool wound rolls
  • Rubber or acrylic adhesive
  • Cross-wound rolls are typically 1,100 yards long and can have up to 20,000 hook and loop coins
  • Sew-in hook and loop circles without adhesive are also available

The Long and Short Of It

This is a play on words, of course, but give us a call or request a sample to evaluate our self-adhesive hook and loop coins. You’ll be amazed by our service, competitive pricing, and how well these coins will work in your product design and assembly process!