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Low Profile: The favorite fastener for exhibits, signage & graphics


Going for the sleek look? Try the fastener that isn’t seen. 

Just like traditional hook & loop but way thinner!

Halco offers a Low Profile Closure System consisting of an ultra-thin Molded Hook mated with our Luxmed Knit Loop which nearly eliminates gaps altogether.
At half the thickness of woven hook and loop when both sides are mated together, Low Profile is excellent for graphic applications – especially in trade show displays, P.O.P. & signage where concealing the fastener is critical.

Some of its many uses include:

1. Hanging flexible graphics for trade shows.

2. Suspending privacy curtains.

3. Securing a metal edge molding around an internally illuminated sign.

4. Attaching metal decorative fascia to a painted wood valence.

5. Holding picture frame samples for an in-store display.

6. Attaching plastic signage to doors and windows.

Just peel and stick!

No hole-drilling needed. Low Profile hook & loop allows for easy attachment and removal of temporary protective material.
Engineered for a strong engagement while being 50% thinner than standard hook and loop. The rubber-based adhesive adheres well to plastic, wood, metal, poster board, cardboard and more.
It bonds best to low & medium surface energy plastics such as polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic and polystyrene as well as corrugate, chipboard, glass, wood and powder coated metal. Ideal for low cycle applications.

Halco also offers Low Profile Adhesive Coins

Like the tape, these are 50% thinner than standard Hook & Loop Coins. These come in a variety of sizes from ½ – 7” in diameter. Ask your Halco rep for a sample pack.

Non-Adhesive Versions Available

Halco offers versions without adhesive for sew-on applications.

Low Profile is available in a variety of widths up to 12″ wide in black & white. All Molded Hook products are also available in Back 2 Back options.

Contact your Account Executive for additional information and what style would be best for your applications.

Request a sample here.