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You Imagine, We Create

Do you have a design idea using hook & loop?

We’ll make it for you. Delivering unique re-closeable fastening solutions is what we do. 



Halco’s state-of-the-art equipment cuts & converts hook & loop into any shape or size in a fraction of the time it takes with a pair of scissors. What’s more, you can rest assured the pieces will always be the same.


Key Benefits:

  • 500,000 pieces produced per day – you’d need an army to do this by hand
  • 1000s of intricate shapes cut to precision tolerances – minimizes waste and defects common with hand cutting 
  • Special adhesives, custom lengths, packaging options – the possibilities are endless
  • Replaces labor – lowers your fabrication costs
  • Happy employees – relieves your team of tedious, repetitive & mundane activities!


Let Halco Simplify Your Manufacturing

Every day we work closely with a diverse mix of clients – engineers, designers and production supervisors in multiple industries – to develop new and innovative ways in which Hook & Loop can be used to get the best results for their application. 

We also share tips & tricks used in other industries, which you also can adopt to help you become more efficient in your business. 

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