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Halco Polyester Hook and Loop for Outdoor Use

There are many outdoor uses for for heavy duty hook and loop fasteners. These outdoor hook and loop fasteners must withstand wide temperature ranges, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, continue to fasten when wet and still provide superior holding power. This article discusses the differences between nylon and polyester hook and loop and helps you choose the right fastening solution for your product.

Properties of polyester Hook and loop fasteners

Halco’s heavy duty polyester hook and loop is an ideal choice for demanding indoor and prolonged outdoor applications, especially for situations requiring performance in wet conditions, including saltwater, and where there is prolonged exposure to UV light. It is perfect for applications like marine sails and boat covers, outdoor straps, pickup tonneau covers, automotive accessories like bike and cargo carriers, tents, shelters and awnings and for flak jackets and tactical gear.

Some key features of polyester hook and loop include

  • Does not absorb moisture, dries quickly and functions well when wet
  • Resistant to UV degradation
  • Stands up well to saltwater and chemical exposure
  • Has higher peel strength but shorter cycle life than nylon
  • Is more expensive than standard nylon
  • Can be dye-matched to color
Pickup tonneau covers
Marine uses
Tactical gear

properties of nylon hook and loop

Halco’s standard nylon hook and loop is the most versatile choice, ideal for indoor and occasional outdoor use. It has high peel and shear strength, longer cycle life than polyester and comes in a wider variety of colors. Unlike polyester, nylon will absorb some moisture and does not function as well when wet. It also does not withstand ultraviolet light as well as polyester hook and loop and, therefore, should not be used for marine or on products with prolonged outdoor use.

  • Nylon hook and loop has a longer cycle life
  • It comes in a wider range of available colors
  • It does absorb some moisture and does not function as well when yet
  • It is less resistant to UV light, saltwater and chemicals
  • Nylon offers slightly lower peel and shear strength than polyester
Nylon is a great choice for applications requiring a higher cycle life and some outdoor use

Choosing an adhesive hook and loop product for outdoor use

If your outdoor application requires an adhesive we strongly recommend using an acrylic adhesive vs. a rubber. Acrylic adhesive is better able to withstand wider temperature ranges and exposure to moisture and UV light. Rubber adhesive will actually degrade over time when exposed to UV light and it does not withstand exposure to moisture or chemicals.

Halco stocks several pre-coated acrylic adhesive hook and loop products and also stocks several acrylic adhesive transfer tapes that can be laminated to most hook and loop materials. We particularly recommend 3M 9472le for its balance of properties and performance:

  • It adheres well to both high surface energy substrates, like metal, and low surface energy substrates like plastics and powder-coated paints
  • Its exceptional performance in wide temperature ranges (-40F to 300F)
  • Resistance to UV light, moisture and chemical exposure

For more information on Halco’s adhesive options, please refer to our Adhesives Selection Guide or speak with one of our representatives


For outdoor applications where there is prolonged exposure to moisture and UV light, we highly recommend Halco’s polyester hook and loop. If an adhesive-coated hook and loop product is needed, consider Halco’s polyester hook and loop paired with 3M 9472le acrylic adhesive transfer tape. Halco stocks both materials and offers converting services to create the perfect combination for your application

Straps on a horse vest

Do you need an outdoor hook and loop fastening solution? Tell us a little about your project and we’ll help you pick the right product and get you a sample to evaluate.