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Halco Hook-And-Loop Solutions For Defense and Emergency Medical Response

Halco is agile and rapidly responds to the changing needs and requirements of the market for hook and loop closure systems. Our uniquely engineered hook and loop materials are versatile, easy to use, and have wide application across industries and especially in medical, transport, and defense-related markets. So when something major happens in the world, we are often one of the first to get a phone call asking for assistance using our engineering know-how, converting capabilities, and specialty hook and loop fastening materials.

This happened during the pandemic when Halco rapidly manufactured millions of converted hook and loop closures for medical isolation gowns and personal protective equipment (PPE). Now with the war raging in Ukraine, affecting both soldiers and civilians, the need for emergency response medical equipment is urgent.

Tourniquets with Hook and Loop Closure Systems

Tourniquets save lives, both on the battlefield with soldiers and off the battlefield with civilians. Halco’s Mixed Nylon Woven Hook and Loop Tape is a vitally important part of many tourniquet designs. This material is unique from other hook and loop materials as it has hooks and loops woven on one side so that it securely self-engages. This makes it a perfect material for straps that tighten down around an injured extremity or limb. It is also used to secure the windlass that is turned to tighten the tourniquet.

Halco USA is ramping up production and working with defense and first responder product manufacturers around the world in response to the urgent need for defense and civilian tourniquets with hook and loop closures.

Patient Positioning and Transport Products Using Hook and Loop

Another critical area where Halco hook and loop closures are important is in the manufacture of patient transport and positioning products. These include splints, immobilizers, stretchers, and gurneys. All of these products rely on hook and loop straps to properly secure the patient and make sure no further damage is done while they are transported to safety and for further medical care.

Halco’s Mixed Nylon Woven Hook and Loop Tape is a trusted and proven solution in the design and manufacture of these products. Halco also offers many of its hook and loop products in multiple colors to meet the needs of emergency response and defense-related product manufacturers. Mil-spec hook and loop materials are available.

Halco’s Strap Fabrication Services Speed Assembly

Industrial Webbing Cinch Strap

Common to all of these products is the need for a fabricated hook and loop strap. Halco is a major manufacturer of custom straps for a wide variety of industries and applications. These straps are made from a wide range of specialty hook and loop materials, are sewn or welded, and often feature a buckle or a grommet. Learn more about our strap fabrication services.

Halco is doing everything possible to support our customers who produce these critical life-saving products. If you have a project that might involve Halco’s Mixed Nylon Woven Hook and Loop Tape or our strap fabrication services, please reach out and we’ll get right back to you.