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Halco Stocks and Converts 3M Medical Grade Hook & Loop

Whether you’re a medical device manufacturer, a component supplier to the medical device industry or a medical converter, you know that 3M’s 7336 hook and 7337 loop have been trusted in the industry for several decades as a closure system for disposable medical devices and supplies.

As an ISO 13485 certified supplier of hook and loop fasteners to the medical industry, Halco knows how important it is to maintain a reliable supply chain. As the order minimums of 3M 7336 and 7337 have increased substantially, Halco has taken a significant inventory position. We’re looking forward to working with medical device manufacturers to get them the medical grade hook and loop they need. We also supply to other converters and contract manufacturers serving the medical device and PPE markets.

Features of 3M 7336 and 7337

3M(TM) Medical Hook Fastener 7336 and 3M(TM) Medical Loop Fastener 7337 are white, low profile hook and loop products often used for disposable medical applications and device closures. Both products feature:

  • High conformability with excellent adhesion to films and non-wovens
  • Easy to open, yet with excellent shear strength
  • Available without adhesive or with a synthetic rubber adhesive that does not contain latex
  • Meet medical device sterilization requirements

These medical-grade hook and loop products are made from a polyolefin blend that is EtO stable and withstands up to 45 kilograys of gamma radiation for sterilization. Learn more about hook and loop sterilization methods.

3M(TM) Medical Hook Fastener 7336
3M(TM) Medical Loop Fastener 7337

stock, Availability & converting

Halco is currently stocking 3M 7336 hook and 7337 loop log rolls with synthetic rubber adhesive. These log rolls can be slit down to any width as narrow as a 0.25″. Halco also provides die-cutting and strap fabrication services. See our converting capabilities and fabricated straps pages for more information.

Common Applications

The most common uses for the 7336 and 7337 are for closure systems on disposable medical devices and supplies. This also includes personal protective equipment (PPE). Examples include:

  • Tube/cord holders and securement
  • Medical drapes, curtains, and isolation gowns
  • PPE equipment like masks, shields, and sneeze guards
  • Other disposable medical devices and supplies such wearables

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