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Halco USA Recognized As a 3M Preferred Converter

We’re very pleased to announce that Halco USA has now been recognized by 3M as a Preferred Converter. This is 3M’s highest level of recognition and is a testament to the trust, respect, and growth that has occurred in our relationship with 3M.

Quotes from 3M and Halco

Both organizations are excited about this announcement and look forward to the continued growth of the relationship and our mutual work with OEMs and manufacturers.

Aaron Johnson, 3M Converter Markets Specialist:

“3M is thrilled to welcome Halco USA to our Preferred Converter network.
Halco’s ability to combine 3M adhesive technologies with innovative fastening products
helps broaden the range of solutions available to OEMs.
We look forward to partnering with them further in 2022 and beyond!”

Guy Fussell, General Manager of Halco USA:

“Halco’s partnership with 3M positions us uniquely to serve OEMs
and manufacturers in our key markets such as Medical and Automotive.
Being able to specify the most advanced materials and adhesive technologies
along with Halco’s own hook & loop products has always been critical for us.
Halco wins by providing fast prototyping, custom product solutions,
inventory programs, and more. Our position as the leading specialty fastener converter
is further strengthened by being a 3M Preferred Converter.
We look forward to collaborating and growing together in 2022 with the 3M team!”

Some Questions and Answers

Q: What does it mean to be a 3M Preferred Converter?
A: It means 3M trusts us to convert their double-sided tapes and other materials to the highest levels of performance, quality, and customer satisfaction to meet the unique needs of our OEM and manufacturing customers. We help our customers pick the right adhesive, help them understand release liners, and solve problems. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we also have access to unique resources, support, and pricing.

Q: How many 3M Preferred Converters are there in the United States?
A: Though there are thousands of converters, there are only 60 3M Preferred Converters in North America.

Q: What materials does Halco convert from 3M?
A: Halco laminates many of 3M’s industrial pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes to its hook and loop materials to meet the unique performance needs of various industries and customers. Halco die-cuts and converts 3M Dual Lock and 3M brand hook and loop materials for medical device manufacturers. Halco also converts medical-grade hook and loop and medical adhesives from 3M Medical Materials and Technologies.

Q: What makes Halco unique or different as a 3M Preferred Converter?
A: Halco is perhaps the only 3M Preferred Converter that specializes in hook and loop and reclosable fastening solutions. We’re an industry leader in customized hook and loop solutions for OEMs and manufacturers. Halco has unique technical expertise, extensive knowledge and converting capabilities in this category and is often a resource to both manufacturers and other 3M converters.

Q: How can I learn more about what it means to be a converter?
A: Please watch the video below, visit our Partnership Page or give us a call!



Request Halco and 3M Sample Packs

Halco offers two sample kits that feature the integration of Halco and 3M technologies. The first sample pack features an assortment of die-cut Halco hook and loop materials laminated with 3M adhesive technology. The second sample pack features a variety of die-cut parts using 3M Dual Lock. Fill out the form below to request these sample packs to see how we might be able to meet your converting needs.