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Halco’s Fabric Backings Improve Aesthetics

Halco’s hook and loop materials are frequently used as a closure system in various applications such as outdoor apparel and workwear, sporting goods, orthopedic products, military gear and other textile-based products. This is often done by designing a tab with woven hook or a molded hook on it that is pulled tight and then fastened to a strip of loop. In many products, it is important that the tab be aesthetically appealing and comfortable to the touch.

Nylon Fabric Backing – Molded Hook Tabs

Halco offers a variety of specialty backing products that improve the aesthetics and feel of the hook and loop closure. One of the most popular and versatile are our fabric backings. Halco’s fabric backing is offered in custom colors to match the color and design of the customer’s product and can be printed with logos and text. These products can be supplied in widths up to 12″ or as finished die-cut components ready for sewing or welding.

For those customers that choose to have Halco manufacture the closure tab, a variety of services are provided:

  • Halco will dye-match the backing to the customer’s design specification
  • Halco efficiently die-cuts the material to your required specifications
  • The final closure tab is packaged to best meet the customer’s assembly process

This produces a hook and loop part that is ready to be integrated into the final product. It reduces manufacturing steps for the OEM and improves the productivity and speed of final product assembly. Other benefits of nylon backings is that they help to reduce the amount of lint and debris that can accumulate on the hook and loop strips and are softer to the touch and more comfortable.

Overall, nylon backings are a simple and effective way to enhance the functionality and appearance of hook and loop closures, making them a popular choice for designers and manufacturers in various industries. Halco leads the hook and loop industry by providing specialty hook and loop materials, backing systems and converting services to efficiently make these versatile closure systems.

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