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Making Air Travel Safe Again

Pandemic Effects on the Airline Industry

The pandemic has had severe effects on many US industries, but perhaps none more so than the US airline industry.  As of the end of October, data reported by the US airline industry air travel shows domestic air travel down 61% and international travel down 77%.  In the US, corporate air travel is nearly shut down entirely (down 85%) as businesses ended all non-essential air travel even for their sales organizations.  

This has had a profound impact on the profitability and near-term viability of the US airline industry.  A few smaller carriers have gone out of business and through the first nine months of the year, the industry has accumulated losses exceeding $36 billion.  In order for traffic and airline revenues to recover, both employers and consumers must have confidence that it is safe to travel via air.  This means both getting through the airport and flying safely on the airplane.

Image Source: Airlines For America


Halco Helps Airports Respond to COVID19

In response to the challenge of the pandemic, airports are making major changes to both their use of technology and their processes.  Some of these changes are being made by the airports themselves and others are being influenced by various government agencies.  

Some of the technology and process changes include:

  • Touchless check-in systems
  • Security checkpoints by appointment
  • Passenger friendly robots to help educate and clean
  • Disinfectant systems like UV light and spritz sprayers
  • Sneeze and aerosol guards at counters
  • Covid-19 testing at the airport
  • Social distancing for all passengers and airport employees
  • Mask wearing and use of hand sanitizer 
  • More focus on passenger education

Halco, with its ability to respond rapidly to customer needs, is using its entrepreneurial spirit, complete line of fastening systems, and converting capabilities and adhesive systems to help airports respond to the challenge. You can see some of the key uses of Halco’s fastening systems (i.e., hook and loop fasteners) in the infographic below.  Also included is 3M’s Dual Lock product, which Halco converts for its customers.  Dual Lock is often used to attach panels, like clear acrylic sneeze guard shields.  


  1. Signage – reclosable fasteners to secure signs for social distancing and health displays.
  2. Sanitizer Stations – reclosable fasteners to secure sanitizer and soap dispensers.
  3. Sneeze Guards – reclosable fasteners to secure sneeze guards to countertop surfaces.
  4. PPE – Face Masks / Shields – reclosable fasteners and elastics for face masks and face shields.


Halco Works to Improve Cleanliness and Safety in the Airplane

The airline industry, including aircraft manufacturers and tier suppliers, are making major changes to decrease the risk of transmission during a flight.  These changes include:  

  • Improving air circulation and HEPA filtration
  • Increasing cleaning and sanitization
  • Requiring the use of masks and increasing safety supplies
  • Social distancing in the aircraft via seat selection
  • Implementing sneeze guards and barriers in new seat designs and retrofits
  • Limiting onboard service for food and drinks

Halco has been a leading supplier of fire retardant hook and loop for aircraft interiors, especially in aircraft seats, for many years.  It has also been a leading supplier of fastening and attachment systems for the personal protective equipment used to protect aircraft workers and passengers.   Now airlines and aircraft seating manufacturers are collaborating with Halco to come up with new designs that further protect passengers from the sneezes and aerosols of fellow passengers.  Halco is well positioned to respond rapidly to requests for prototypes from transportation manufacturers, has a complete line of products approved for use in aircraft, and can often get a prototype out in a few days.  

Here are just a few of the ways that Halco helps airlines and aircraft manufacturers with their safety, cleanliness, and assembly needs.  

  1. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – reclosable fasteners and elastics for face masks, face shields, and gowns.
  2. Sneeze Guard Dividers – reclosable fasteners to secure sneeze guards for social distancing requirements.
  3. Seating – reclosable fasteners for aircraft seating that meet OEM requirements and flame retardant standards.
  4. Panels, Insulation, Cable Management – reclosable fasteners for cabin panels and wire harnesses.


Halco’s Converting Capabilities Respond to the Challenge

If you’re a manufacturer involved in the air travel industry, Halco is set up to respond quickly to the needs of customers in the industry.  Whether you need an attachment system for graphics, sanitization products, personal protective equipment or seating solutions in an aircraft, Halco has the right line of fastening materials, the engineering support services, and converting capabilities to deliver a solution quickly and effectively. 

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