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Halco High Temp Hook and Loop for Thermal Insulative Blankets

If you’re looking for hook and loop fasteners that can withstand extreme heat or cold and still perform reliably, Halco has you covered. As a leading supplier of specialty high-performance hook and loop materials, we offer several high temp hook and loop products for manufacturers who make industrial insulative blankets and jackets.

These protective blankets and jackets are used on piping, exhaust systems, vessels, valves, chillers, turbines and other industrial components. They help prevent energy loss, control condensation, regulate temperature, reduce noise, protect equipment from the elements, and protect persons who come in contact with the parts of mechanical infrastructure.

Manufacturers of these products design different attachment systems to secure the insulative blanket to the pipe or industrial component. Belts are often used, so is high temp hook and loop, some tapes, adhesives and fasteners. Halco supplies and converts two important products for these applications: 1) Halco Heat Resistant Hook and Loop and 2) Halco High Temp Stainless Steel Aramid Hook and Loop.

Halco’s Heat Resistant Hook and Loop is made from a unique blend of polyphenylene sulfide and nylon polymers that can withstand continuous temperatures up to 495°F. This material is ideal for thermal insulation blankets and jacketing used on steam turbines, exhaust systems, industrial piping, valves, and other hot equipment. It securely fastens the blanket in place while providing easy access for maintenance. It is often evaluated as an alternative to Velcro® Brand Hi-AIR® Nomex® Hook & Loop Tape.

For manufacturers who prefer to use a metal hook and loop product, Halco High Temp Stainless Steel Aramid Hook and Loop provides temperature resistance up to 455°F. The metal aramid construction makes it perfect for securing industrial insulation in extremely harsh environments like steel mills, power plants, and refineries. Easy to sew or adhesive mount, it stays firmly fastened yet allows quick removal and re-installation of the insulation blankets. It is often evaluated as an alternative to Velcro® Brand Hi-GARDE® Hook 46 / Loop 8000.

Finally, even our standard woven nylon hook and loop and its flame retardant version offers temperature performance up to 392 F. Manufacturers of insulative blankets for outdoor use may choose to use our polyester hook and loop, which withstands UV exposure, moisture and has a melting point of 491 F. So whatever your needs, Halco has a hook and loop solution that will meet your requirements.

In addition to thermal protection, these durable fasteners also excel at reducing noise from loud machinery like motors, compressors, and engines. The hook and loop provides a rattle-free fit for noise-damping insulation blankets.

At Halco, we understand you can’t compromise on performance and dependability. That’s why we offer responsive technical support and free samples to ensure you get the right high temperature hook and loop product for your application needs. We have significant quantities of these products in inventory and can ship quickly to anywhere in the world.

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