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Halco USA and 3M Join Forces with Customized Self-Gripping Fasteners

3M Die Cut Hook and Loop

Halco USA and 3M have teamed up to save businesses time and money on the production line with self-gripping fasteners which can be customized to meet specific design requirements.

Realizing no roll of Hook & Loop stays in roll form, this strategic new partnership aims to take the burden of fastener customization off manufacturers, enabling them to run leaner inventories and streamline operations for greater efficiency.

Watch a snapshot of the process in this NEW VIDEO.

Guy Fussell, Sales Manager for Halco USA said: “Halco’s extraordinary expertise in the converting of reclosable fasteners has enabled us to build relationships with thousands of clients around the globe who regard us as an integral manufacturing partner. For many years Halco has applied 3M Adhesives to our own Hook & Loop designs. Taking advantage of 3M’s world-leading adhesive technologies we’ve developed hybrid fastening systems that bond powerfully to substrates across multiple applications. It made sense to join forces and expand on what we’re already doing,” Guy added.

“For many years Halco has applied 3M Adhesives to our own Hook & Loop designs. It made sense to join forces and expand on what we’re already doing”

2 Rolls of 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners

Jill Nakamura of 3M’s Industrial Markets added: “We’re pleased to welcome Halco, a leader in innovative fastening solutions, as a Specialist 3M Converter for Reclosable Fasteners.”

With this new partnership, clients can enjoy the convenience of having Halco convert 3M products such as 3M™ Dual Lock™ and 3M™ Gripping Material to their precise requirements, including applications where 3M fasteners are specified by design.

3M has always challenged traditional fastening methods with creative alternatives. Reclosable fasteners provide clean, no mess, out-of-sight solutions. These are simple to apply, lightweight, flexible and often more cost-efficient than traditional fasteners such as screws, zippers, liquid adhesives, and more.

Products with unique mushroom heads that snap together or fasteners utilizing temperature and moisture-resistant adhesives have transformed many applications. 3M’s well-known brands such as VHB™, Dual Lock™, and Scotchmate™ are recognized as leading solutions to modern fastening challenges, with proprietary adhesive technology that delivers outstanding holding power.

Our partnership with 3M opens the door to an unprecedented range of self-gripping fastener options, all available in roll goods, cut lengths or die cut shapes. Halco’s dynamic team brings decades of experience to any project and utilizing our state-of-the-art California converting facility your custom solution can be taken from design concept to production-ready prototypes and samples within weeks.