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7 Answers to Your Questions about Hook & Loop Die Cutting

Your FAQs about die cutting answered! Why more businesses are doing it, where it's used, how the process works and whether it's right for your ...

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Say Goodbye to Boring, Uninspiring Straps
Oct 20, 2017

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Does your product use a Hook & Loop strap or pull tab? Make it stand out with Suede-x. Halco now offers an exclusive line of designer ...

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We partner closely with customers to design fastening systems that improve product and performance

1941 was the year George de Mestral invented the famous Hook & Loop fastener. 76 years on and many versions later, this amazing discovery is still finding new uses. Halco’s fastening solutions can be found in everything from automotive & aircraft interiors to blood pressure cuffs; loading dock shelters to in-store displays. With hundreds of engineered versions available in a variety of peel, shear and breaking strengths, selecting the best fastener for the job can be daunting. Let our experts simplify it for you.

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