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Did You Know? We Do Printed Flanges


Put your name where it counts.

Buyers are warier than ever these days, with the growth of e-commerce and the availability of low-quality knock-offs or imitations that don’t deliver the desired performance. Customers need to know what they’re getting. Branding your own Hook & Loop can offer that added assurance of quality, consistency and value. 

There are other benefits. Here are a few of them:

  1. Identification – Customers like convenience. Being able to read the size, color and item code right off the roll or box saves mistakes when ordering. 
  1. Free advertising – Flanges are a great place to advertise your capabilities. Every time somebody picks up a roll your message is there. Nothing drills it in like repetition.
  1. Brand Loyalty – As stated above, clients want to know what to expect. Your brand is your promise. It embodies everything you stand for. Put it out there.
  1. Retail-friendly – Attractive packaging sells. Add a part number or space for a bar code for easier picking, tracking & shipping. Printed cartons show clearly what’s inside.

Inquire today and grow your hook & loop sales. Request a sample now.