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Halco Hook and Loop for Automotive Interiors

In our last blog article, we discussed why Halco is a uniquely qualified partner to work with automotive OEMs, tiers and parts manufacturers. Halco has deep expertise, a specialty portfolio of automotive fastening products, and the ability to convert and fabricate fastening parts for its automotive customers.

This blog article discusses some of the solutions Halco has for the industry, especially focused on the manufacture and assembly of automotive interiors.

Automotive Seating

Automotive seat manufacturers use specialty hook and loop products to secure the seat cover to the foam and help keep the seat cover wrinkle free. Halco is a supplier of these specialty automotive fasteners to both OEM seat manufacturers and aftermarket seat cover manufacturers. Solutions include Halco Auto Mushroom Hook, Auto Mold-In Hook and Auto Loose Loop. Our Auto Mushroom Hook comes with a non-woven backing to enable the use of adhesives. Our Auto Mold-In Hook comes in both gasketed and shielded versions. Aftermarket seat cover manufacturers may use one of our molded hook products or request a custom hook and loop strap or strap part.

Carpets and Mats

Automotive carpet and floor mat manufacturers often rely on Halco’s weldable adhesive with a molded hook selection. This solution welds effectively to flexible vinyl materials. Halco also provides die-cut hook parts with an automotive adhesive that adheres well to low surface energy plastics and thermoformed rubber materials to some floor mat and cargo liner manufacturers.

Acoustic Insulation

Manufacturers of automotive acoustic insulation systems use Halco’s Type 2 Rubber Adhesive Hook & Loop to help reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). The rubber adhesive is used for temporary holding on the insulation so that the operator can then staple it in. These parts are made in high volume and the important value that Halco brings is that it converts the hook and loop in such a way that it is fast and efficient for the operator to quickly grab the next part. Halco’s Knit Nylon Loop is also used in this application.

Wire Harnesses and Accessories

Automotive OEMs and tier manufacturers often turn to Halco for the manufacture of a custom hook and loop strap or cable tie to secure wire harnesses. This same solution is used to secure many different types of accessories in a vehicle. The value that Halco brings to this application is that we work closely with the development team early in the process to make a strap or tie that perfectly matches their specifications. These straps come in different designs and are made from Halco Back-To-Back Hook and Loop or Halco Flame Retardant Back-to-Back.

Headliners and Sunroofs

Halco is a 3M Preferred Converter and 3M’s Dual Lock reclosable fastener is often used to attach headliners and sunroof assemblies. As a manufacturer and converter of fastening materials, Halco has specialized expertise in strip cutting and die-cutting Dual Lock for a wide variety of automotive and industrial mounting applications.

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